3 August 2010


Alhamdulillah...Alhamdulillah. Masih diberi peluang untuk menyedut udara di bumi milik Nya.

Woke up this morning & greeted by the drizzle. Blissfulness & I feel totally bless. See I told u, I don’t need diamonds nor wealth for satisfaction. It’s those things around me that I appreciate more. Ciptaan-Nya masih banyak yang perlu ditekorai, dipelihara & disyukuri.
Arrived workplace a bit early although I stopped by at the veggie market near home to buy bags of chillies. Alkisah aku kan kerja di cafe jadi beli2 barang basah ni memang tugas ndak kehairanan untuk aku.

By the way, it was a great small get together with my YS ladies last night. Thanks for the treat & pressies! I never expected Kizzy & Zai bought something for me. Really it's been ages since we last practised the gift exchanging ceremony on gontua day(s). I didn't get anything on their B days except treating them dinner. I prise those gifts darlings. Loving the tops Kizzy got for me. U can really read my mind cause I've been eyeing that tops lately.

And I've got an accessory for Fuchy. Zai gave me a lovely cute pink bear that I assumed as Fuchy's first deco item. Also my fav white choc Toblerones Zai bought from Labuan. Alkisah aku yang pesan choc tu tapi dia bagi as gifts juga knowing my madness over choc.

Sila abaikan fakta yang baru diketahui, that is aku ndak suka allergic choc...for the time being, let's just hide that 'secret' somewhere. Spoilt mood adalah sangat ndak membantu stimulasi hormon gembira. Sekian.

It's been quite busy at the cafe since morning. Luckily the weather is being considerate enough...sangat mendung. On my way to workplace, the sun shone for a while. Not long though because it started pouring by the time I reached cafe. The light emitted was indeed brisk...I got enough vitamin C penetrating my skin. Natural nourishment. Sihat kunun lah terus dirasa. Huh ayat mau ditempiling.

I have no plan of going out tonight although Laura told me about her meeting with Keggy & Jess at Dongs. Don't feel like going out...because I want to resume my reading on the book I've just bought last night. Hmm don't u find it weird? Sejak naik umur, all of a sudden I crave for books. Hunger to read! Kira perubahan positif.

Dan Brown's latest book; The Lost Symbol. Like the back cover says, what is lost WILL be found. Insya Allah...manatau dapat balik pieces of me that I have long lost.

Sesungguhnya adalah frust gaban because Vampire Diaries: The Fury & Dark Reunion's book is currently out of stock. Hence the purchase of The Lost Symbol. It's like a compensation to myself. *mode: sedih halfway*

Ketahuilah sebaik2 teman adalah buku.

4 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

piiiinjammmm!! hahahaha

BibiEr Karim said...

Dei bulum lagi halfway sy baca. Every night sy allocate 20-30 pages utk baca sj. Sbb skrg mcm sy ngantuk awal oo. Pelik bin ajaib.

namron said...

hepi belated betday ya pren...

BibiEr Karim said...

Makaseh Man.

p/s Aku xdpt install pun CS4 tu. Apa dia mau suru burn la segala.

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