2 August 2010

Fury & Dark Reunion...I so want them!


I so want to refuse to believe this. That I should read The Fury + Dark Reunion of LJ Smith Vampire Diaries saga prior reading The Return: Nightfall. The book that I bought yesterday.
How could I not noticed this before deciding to bring that book home? Frustrated! Now I have to pause my reading until I finish the first 2 volumes of the breathtaking series. Jiwa adalah merana tidak terkata. I am in the midst of searching the book; ONLINE. How desperate do I sound?

Internet connection at the cafe is literally choking me to death. Gosh! I am trying my very best here...to not go to the mall this evening just to get my hands on the book! Oh please...sila ada e-novel untuk aku download. The info from Wiki somehow manage to soothe the thirsty me. But I still bloody WANT that book. Like, NOW!

I miss Stefan's company...and that doesn't mean that I cheated on John Hoon. He is still the legal husband man in my eyes. Always be.
Punyalah outdated kan aku ni. The VD trilogy was actually published in 1991! It's been in the store for 19 damn years! And baru sekarang kunun aku tergila2 sama cerita ni. Punyala bikin panas tu perangai. Others have long move on with this series but me! Anyway, I found out that The Return: Nightfall was just released Feb last year. Phew that eventually put me in great relieved. Ndaklah malu besar di situ.
I have to admit if it's not because of Grunge who introduced me to this young adult vampire series, I would have no idea of who Stefan nor Damon is. Let alone the title itself. Therefore I assume credit should be given to her. Thanks girl. *hugs*

Ok I got to go now. Kerja memanggil sudah. At least making myself busy will distract my attention over the VD thing. Paling pun half the day. I am giving myself an ultimatum...either to just download the book or head to the book store right after work this evening. Ugh...contemplating once more. Please brain, decide wisely! And I suddenly find myself smiling widely for no reason...hmmm.

Senyuman itu sebenarnya adalah pantulan tidak langsung dari sinaran matahari.

2 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

PINJAM!!!!! should I post the same comment over & over again whenever you post abt TVD??????

psst: sa check d e-bay dulu...

btw: ok ka tu buku.. tulisan dia size brp..sbb sa klu baca buku tulisan dia mesti at least font 12 and the language must senang and x terlalu dalam.

BibiEr Karim said...

Wakakakaka boleh bah pinjam tp after sy baca tu Fury & Dark Reunion dlu ah. Hihi sy tau sudah tu crita semua. Read the synopsis online. Mmg xsama buku & tv series. Totally different!

Bah tgk la cepat d ebay sy xsabar mau beli tu. And yes buku dia sgt besar tu font & senang mau paham.

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