19 July 2010

Yang penting...

GSC cinema hall at Suria Sabah is where I should be right now...accompanied by my fav 1901 while watching the 0845pm show. Semua tinggal angan2 because I brilliantly opted for the negative vibe to spoil my pink mood.
Was on my way to the cinema when suddenly the brain commanded me to just return home; before things go beyond my control. I am positive I did the right thing & I do not regret for cancelling the plan. Nobody's joining me so I guess I didn't keep anyone waiting for me there. Inilah part best bila plan sendiri2...jadi or ndak, yang tanggung diri sendiri. No party involve...no hard feeling take place.

In my previous entry, I said I'm waiting for problem to solve. It's not that I long for bad things to happen, really. It's mainly for fun purpose since Aida said Inception is a mind twisting kind of flick. Well, fyi I did get my part too.

I left cafe around 5-ish this evening. Stuck in a slow traffic movement for about 30minutes. Just as I got myself freed from the slow traffic, the phone rang. Bungsu asked me to return to the office because 1 of the staffs left the office keys inside the office. Without the keys, Bungsu won't be able to close account for today's business. And the staffs can't access the store room. New stocks arrived minutes after I left & needed to be recorded, also to be put in the store.

Madness is not the situation I was in upon being told to return. Aware of the slow traffic I'll encounter if I turn back, I told Bungsu I might be there a bit late. Much to my surprise, I reached office in less than 10 minutes. Sempat take away McD at their drive-thru counter lagi.

Oh my, what bliss Monday evening I had. Thing happened for a reason...there must be something on why I have to reach home a lil late than usual today. Bila kita redha semua akan jadi baik2 jak. Alhamdulillah. Because I didn't whine nor let the anger burst, thing went smoothly although I took nearly 2 hours just to arrive home.
Grunge, here's the story on why I was late just now. U didn't hear my drama because I don't see the need to be mad. Thanks for the cd(s) by the way. I'd just finished watching The Memory Keeper's Daughter. And I cried while watching it. Hmm bet it's not a new thing for u already.
Assassination of a High School President is next in line. That is after I publish this entry & perform my IsPra. Will see u guys tomorrow, insya Allah.

Cinta perlu dalam diri tapi jangan sampai cinta itu mengganas & mengalir tidak di laluan yang benar.

2 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

suma tu cd sa blum tingu... hope u enjoy them and please jgn bagi spoiler di blog ko a...wakakakakakka....... *btw, sa x tau pun ada tu cerita dlm tu cd, ketara sa burn sj w/out peduli apa yg sa burn*..wakakakakakka

BibiEr Karim said...

Ko mimang kan! Siok tu crita sy tgk last nite. Ya la bah sy xbuat review sni tp nnt sy PM ko ah isi2 tu crita.

Mmg ketara la bah ko burn suka suki. Nasib xda yg 18sx extra2 sx dlm tu disc.

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