8 May 2010

Psst...the heels I ordered from Danne has arrived. Finally. Been anxiously waiting for it...now am waiting for her to holla me & I will straight away go to her place to collect it. Also, pay her the balance.

Last Weds, Mai sent the dress I bought via PosLaju...hopefully it will arrive KK by next Mon the latest. And these 2 items definitely marked the end of my online shopping agenda for May.

I need to constantly remind myself to stop take a break from buying things; online. There are few agendas that need my attention more...or to be exact; perlu uang. One week Kolumpur trip next Thurs & Kaamatan breakaway trip in the month end. Not to forget, the Munyit Bali Trip in Juni.

Perlu bijak atur uang...oh my, I've been saying this to myself over & over. Tapi ndak la pernah diikut...kalau boleh dilanggar, harus langgar terus. Adui macamana lah kunun ni mau jadi macam Ip Man. Very dedicated to what he does. Sticked to his goal no matter what challenge he faced.

LMAO...mentang2 baru last night meninguk cerita tu. Bikin panas! But seriously, I want someone like Sifu IpMan to handle the hotheaded moi. Despite what happened around him...how complex the situation turned out to be...he remains calm. Cakap pun well organized. Orang bilang; penuh kesopan santunan.

Problem is...maukah orang macam dia tu sama orang macam aku? Ishh...ungrateful me. Bersyukur la ada orang sayang kau tau Cik Err. Ya lah bah...chenta hati cukup baik sudah untuk aku. Being loved by him is already means the world to me. I always think that I don't deserved him...though he says he's lucky to have me; all the time. Ya la bah, kita both untung dapat masing2. Baru ngam kan...fair & square. Ngeh~~

2 hollered!:

Ernie Khairina said...

boleh percaya ka itu marked the end of my online shopping agenda ..hehe

while u can bah!

BibiEr Karim said...

Ok...fine. Sy baru sija order another another maxi dress online. Damn...hopefully that will be the last purchase. Lepas ni, sy mau kasi kusung acc sy.

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