23 May 2010

Just got back from Papar. Late Nenek Papar's 3rd days kenduri tahlil. The family won't be able to attend the 7th days tahlil because it clashes with late aunt Ana's 100th days. Time sure fly fast these days...sedar2 it's been 3 months since she left us.

Actually aku pun pelik with this tahlil stuff. Sebab kalau baca mana2 buku agama, memang ndak da mention pasal tahlil whatsoever. Even zaman Rasulullah SAW pun memang ndak da buat benda ni. Erm...adat kali. As long as it doesn't conflict with hukum hakam dalam agama, I think it's fine. Bagus juga diamalkan sebab kira sedekah Yassin & apa2 untuk arwah di 'sana'. Sedih juga bila dengar the olderly bagitau the children...the other way round. That; this tahlil stuff is part of benda wajib in Islam. Ok cut it already...aku ni bukan juga pandai bab2 agama so dari cakap benda merapu buat orang salah ajaran, I better stop now. Ngeh~~

My fever has left the system. Syukur alhamdulillah. Flu hasn't but to add the ongoing party in the system, diarrhea came visiting this evening. I'm not sure when will it leaves but up to this moment there's no sign whatsoever of its leaving me. I shall worry no more...its not like I get to be sick everyday, right. So I'll just enjoyed this moment then. Well at least, the oh so sexy sexay voice hasn't leave me yet. Lucky me...my answered has been answered. wink

Mood has been swinging lately...petanda menstruum akan melanda. And I'm trying my best to handle the swing. So far, I succeeded in diverting them. Yes, bangga di situ.

Next Fri will be going up to Kundasang with the family. Sangat excited...time with family is always the 1st thing I look forward to. Harus sedih sebab Angah + co. will not be there with us this time. Incomplete...but still know the trip is going to be a total blast. Insya Allah.

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