13 May 2010

Vernous = Nervous?

Few hours before my flight. I don't know why am I so excited about this trip. Butterflies all over the stomach & head. Flying & playing around since last week. It's as if I've never been to Kolumpur before. Kebingungan melanda. This is so not myself ok. Been bloody looking forward to coming to Kolumpur...sah something marred with the system.

5 years in Shah Alam for high school...another 4 years for degree. And what's with the goosebumps? Perhaps meeting friends whom I haven't seen for months could be the best answer. NOT ACCEPTABLE? Frankly, I won't let the brain to come to think that something expecting me there. I refuse to long for something because I so know if that something didn't turn out the way I want it to be...the heart will eventually suffer more breakage. And huge consequences will come forth.

Anyways, I've got my own copies of the Vampire Diaries already. Grunge was being 'nice' enough to let me copy hers. Went to her place & did all the copying thingy inside the car. So sayur pahit of her...didn't even invite me to her house. Lalalalala~~ and oh, ur curhat session just now; I will leak them out to Laura. Also will ask Laura to tell her cousin about it. Barulah ngam kan...penyampaian cerita melalui beberapa generasi mulut gitu. That's what we call 'sharing is caring'...gonna show the real tongol of me.

Ms. Asus is in wretchedness no more. The brother helped me out with the mess last night. Now, I've got a new OS for Ms. Asus. She should thank me for this. And will definitely be in touch with Mr. Norman once I got myself back from the holiday. Attention ya MAN...I will ask for ur favor some time next week. Software installing; that is. I am sure u already know what the software are. Ngeh~~faster read my mind if u haven't got the clue. Tick tock tick tock.

And I also plan to make some deco on Ms. Asus not-so-dull body. Been using her original skin for nearly 3 years now. Mau kasi jadi dia blink2 ni kali. Ya u got me right; Low Yatt adalah tempat yang harus dilawat nanti. Need to buy few cheap pirated installer as well. I also recently bought a new sarung for Ms. Asus but need to send her to the service center to get her broken joints repair. Then only I can show the sarung pink comel loteh off. Ooo and since I saw Grunge's bought a new external HD; which is super cool & hot...aku pun mau juga beli macam tu. Yay, sila hidu ignore bau kebukitan itu. Spread all over the air sudah.

I've done packing an hour ago. Woke up early just to make sure I didn't forget to bring important stuffs. Semangkit...padahal flight in 4 hours lagi ah. I'm all ready to go but the designated driver is still in wonderland...hence, mengonlinekan diri. See, I told u I'm highly energized over this short trip. Bingung2 kan kalau si cik Err. Last night sudah plan akan depart from home around 1030am. Cuba try kasi bangun tu tukang hantar; harus lah aku kena sound yang paling cute.

This time round, I didn't bring much baju2an. I brought 2 leggings I bought last weekend to match with Angah's tops. LMAO mesti guna kesempatan yang ada. Angah & I wear the same size jadi apalah salah pinjam meminjam. Pastu sudah berkenan boleh buat harta warisan. Ada jugalah bawa few tops bah...sebab aku tau, akan ada retail therapy session with friends & cousins juga tu. Tipu besar if aku cakap ndak kan membeli membelah.

Adui...ndak kesabaran pula mau jumpa Dot. Or lebih tepat, ndak kesabaran pigi I-City bersama Dot. Huahuahuahua. Ni kali, no more saliva dropping tinguk gambar orang posing with the colorful lights. Sebab nanti muka aku yang akan ada dalam gambar itu. Super cute masam moi wear the new pink top...sudah berazam akan rasmi baju ni today. Sekaligus memang MAHU pakai this top untuk ke sana...like; punya gila poyo tahap gaban kan.

Hmm...ada aku kesah?

4 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

amboi2..sepa ckp sa bukit.. i was referring to my previous post ok!

mo tingu tu dress?
later after sa pakai...

purple NOT pink..
p/s: mcmn perasaan bersiar2 d atas awan selama 1jam...wakakakakak

BibiEr Karim said...

Manada sy ckp ko bukit..sy bilang ko sayur pahit sija bah. Oo ur previous post. Lalala~~

Bah cepat pakai tu dress.
Sbb sy ada another dress(es) mau show off.

And pink is one of them..kakakka.

Oho best bah..tp sy takut sija tu klu2 ada org taruk bom dlm tu kapal. NOT!

norman said...

err... pas aku abis exam ya... from 28hb onwards... thanks...

BibiEr Karim said...

Man..I'll be waiting for ur call then.

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