17 March 2010

Today is the 'world busy day' for me.

I'm gonna take my breakfast in a bit after publishing this entry...need to get recharge because I will be needing extra energy by noon.

Berkatering. Itu alkisahnya.

I guess by evening I will be all worn out.

But worry not...diet aku adalah seimbang. I take breakfast; skip my lunch & will only have a light dinner later. Still, no rice in the menu as promise. 2010 Resolution under Food Category masih berjalan lancar.

The only category that is still under strict surveilance is the Financial. Duhh what else could it be. Masih main riddle with my financial management ok.

Always, it's brain-teaser kinda thing for me. Luckily saving tetap ada every month. Bekalan masa depan kununnya lah. Padahal....stock untuk online shopping.

Haru biru.

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