22 February 2015

Indonesia - d'primahotel Mangga Dua, Jakarta

Property: d'primahotel, Mangga Dua
Date:  27 August 2014 - 28 August 2014 (1 night)
Price: 371,000 IDR per night (RM 104.00)
Room Type: Single Standard Room (with breakfast)
Nearest Attraction: ITC Mangga Dua, Mangga Dua Square, Mangga Dua Mall, Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua, Ancol, Kota Tua

Booked via agoda.com.

# A new hotel it is.
The hotel doesn't have a cafeteria but guest is entitled for a coupon breakfast at Starbucks. 
The taxi driver didn't know about this hotel & I was the one who guide him. Located just opposite the road of WTC Mangga Dua.The hotel is very very very near to the well known Mangga Dua Square. Take only less than 10 minutes walking. 
# Reception-cum-lobby area
# Single room.
Pretty spacious. Boleh seludup lagi dua or tiga orang; tapi kena tidur atas lantai lah.
# They provide electric kettle.
And I had my ngeteh session alone in the room that night. 
# Spacious bathroom for a single room.
Basic amenities such as dental kit, soap & shampoo are provided.
# Elevator or staircase? Of course the first will be my ultimate option. 
On the day I requested for a late check out. Check out time is at 10am but considering I'm gonna leave for the airport around 3pm, I paid an extra of 120,000 IDR. If I were to leave at 5pm, I have to pay the full rate. 

The receptionist helped me called the taxi for me. They do provide an airport transfer (for a small fee) but the driver was already booked at their other branch. If I have known earlier about this, I would have booked for the airport transfer during check in. My fault, I didn't asked about this beforehand.

I hope in the future they will vary the selection of breakfast other than just croissant or glazed doughnut. Overall I don't have any complain about this hotel. It is a new hotel so basically everything is new. "Masih bau perabot baru'.



mrs.smile said...

ni mmg konpem habis eeeh :)
tapi hotel ni mmg best bilik single dia pun besar bole bekpes kat stabak pulak tu..

DJ said...

NI consider hotel mhl ni kt sna...hehe sbbnya 100 utk single room...haha untunglaaaaa

Bibie Karim said...

MS: Konpem paling last dah ni hahaha. Best! Tapi memang mahal gak ler rate dia sebab kat Indonesia je pun. Bekpes tu aku xpuas hati gak sebab dapat sebiji croissant & coffee je. Huwaa masa kat Amaris bekpes choices sikit macam lunch. Kat Bandung pun sama.

Miss Nazla said...

Benda pertama aku perasan dalam gambar adalah Starbucks. Teringat yg ko akan feeling feeling minum starbucks bila kat luar negara. So memang bonus point disitu la. Last 3yrs aku pi Jakarta aku duduk Ibis Mangga Dua.

Muhammad Khairuddin Lim said...

untung le....

Anonymous said...

Utk single room mmg spacious habis, tapi it can be considered as expensive jugak kan? I bet, they don't have any kitchen sbb tue dia sub breakfast to Starbucks kan?

Bibie Karim said...

Nazla: Tapi rugi gakla sebab rate mahal, dapat breakfast kat Starbucks with very very limited choice of makanan. Donut or croissant je. Sobs.

Abang MKL: Xde untung sangat. Ni pejam mata je.

Zara: Kan memang considered mahal. Haritu masa book kat Agoda xperasan yang dia terus charge. Tu yang pasrah jelah. Ingat nak survey cheaper hotel lagi. Aah memang xde kitchen tu yang gi Starbucks. Gah jelah bfast kat sana tapi bila congak2 rugi sebenarnya. Sobs.

Hafiz Azmi said...

mak aiii... lama sangat nih saya x berjalan2 ke blog awak sampai lain beno rupanya! nice :)

Bibie Karim said...

HA: Hihi saja tukar.