16 November 2014

South Korea - Afterglow Guesthouse, Sokcho

Property: Afterglow Guesthouse, Sokcho
Date:  23 October 2014 - 24 October 2014 (1 night)
Price: 22,000 KRW (~RM 68.20)
Room Type: Single Private with Ensuite Bathroom

Fyi, wifi is available at all area for free of charge. And the connection u asked? Excellent!

Booked via hostelbookers.com
This is the view I saw upon alighting from the #7-1 bus. Note the 7-Eleven store on the right. The guesthouse is also accessible via bus #7, #9 & #9-1.
Chug-Hak Sageori is the 4th stop from Sokcho Intercity Bus Terminal (green circle). Guesthouse is circled in red. 
Taken from the living area. The guesthouse is located at the 2nd Floor. It's above the C2U convenient store. 
View upon entering the guesthouse. Ring the bell if no one is at the counter.
Lobby cum living area. 
Laluan to guest rooms. Pamphlets & maps are provided. Take as many as u want; they are free. 
Dining area. Remind me of my bedroom back home. The fuschia colour paint. 
The kitchen.
One can be their own barista. Make ur own coffee from beans yaw! 
Stairs heading to more rooms (dormitories & double rooms) upstairs. 
Smiley pillow welcomed me upon entering the room. I absolutely love this room! Tidur berguling sampai pi lantai malam tu. Tettttt!
I have my own bathroom. With tub! That evening, I 'wallow' in the tub for nearly two hours. Sambil layan blues. 
London; checked. Bangkok; checked. Seoul; checked. LA? Hmmm...long pause.
I saw this on the wall the day I arrived but I haven't got the chance to asked neither Callen nor Lilly; where they got this map. For God sake, it's my hometown! Gaya Street is a famous street in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Before I checked out, I got the chance to ask Lilly.

"Where u got this?" 
"That? Ah...we went to Kota Kinabalu. Last year. A lady gave us. We breakfast, she gave us. Olde Kopi..kopitiyem?"
"Kopitiam. OMG Lilly, this is my hometown!!"
"Really? Ouh! U know, I love Kota Kinabalu. People very nice."
"Jeongmal? Joh-a? Gomawoyo. Sokcho, Kota Kinabalu...tukate? Near beach, nice sunset."
"Ouh yes yes hahahhaha. Hanguk, good!" <---- her favourite phrase.
"I can speak & understand; jogeum."
"Ouh ok ok hahaha it's good enough."

With Lilly. The super duper friendly lady owner. Yes, Lilly speaks in high pitch volume when she gets excited. 
She speaks minimal English, and I speak very very minimal Hanguk. But we understand what each other are trying to say. Lilly is a very energetic & full of joy kinda person. U can't help but to laugh whenever she started laughing...and shouted her famous phrase "ouh yes yes...hahaha". Contagious laughter she possess! 

Would wish to return to this guesthouse if I happened to visit Sokcho again. God's willing, one day!

It will take about 10 minutes walking to the town area (City Hall & Intercity Bus Terminal) but you can also take the bus which is situated right in front of the guesthouse. Or for more fun & adventurous experience, try cycling. You can borrow the bicycle from them. I saw two pink bikes (with basket in front) at the guesthouse entrance. Too bad my legs weren't in good condition to cycle during my visit. Else, I could have visit the lighthouse in the evening. And catch the sunrise at the Sunrise Pavillion. 

Next time, perhaps!



Jea Mohamad said...

tgh2 town guesthouse ni ek. tapi mlm2 sunyi je kan..

sempat tu promote negeri sendiri walaupon di sokcho sanun :)

DJ said...

Comel gler bilik dia.siap ensuite lg tuh...mmg best ahhh...hahaha

Gitu pminat KK ghupenye...vice versa gitu ko ngn lilly kannn....hahaha

Bibie Karim said...

Aah kat tengah town. Betul2 kat depan Rodeo Street archway yang 2nd nye tu.

Katanye duta kecil kan, uhuk!

Bibie Karim said...

Tilam pun sangat comfy. Aku tau ko sure suka bab ensuite tu. Haha kannn.

Jiwa kami serupa. Lilly tu memang hyper. Aku sebut Abai Maeul pun dia dah excited. Sebab dia xsangka aku tau pasal Sokcho. Gitu!

Jari Manis said...

okey..CANTIK arghh...lenkakli mau stay sini jak lepas dapat review best dari Bie..sorry Bie..setiap kali nk travel ur blog jadi my sumber korek info..like last trip stay di Sam Wong Jang tu..mmg daebak!..good location..itu pun curik dari sini ahahaha


Hihi kalau tanya Jea, dia sure promo Blue James pula. Hostel tu pun tip top, dekat ngan pavillion & Abai Village.

Xpe kita sharing info! Bb pun ada je korek info from ur blog. Sam Wong Jang tu best kan. Mie pun duk sana gak dulu.

Radin Fadli said...

Lelaki boleh tinggal tak dekat sini? comel je bilik plus ada bilik air sendiri. Wifi ada? tadi tengok bibie tulis, layan blues... oh layan lagu hahahaha JK


Boleh. Malam tu ramai budak lelaki lepak kat ruang tamu, main gitar bagai. Wifi super laju! Tiap ceruk ada signal. Hihihi memang layan lagu pun.

Orga said...

map tu ko lukis sendiri ke bie? sure tak sesat kalau datang sini...baru nak tanya nape ko naik beskal layan kawasan sekitar sokcho, lupa pulak ko memang sakit kaki. but still enjoy kan :)

Bibie Karim said...

Hahaha map tu memang ada kat counter reception tu. Nak harap aku, memang xlah lukis lawa camtu. Aku turun kat bus stop pun dah blur, pastu pinjam fon orang call owner GH hahaha. Lawak sungguh. Aah sakit kaki, walhal aku dah plan nak tiru aktiviti ko haritu. Gi lighthouse di malam hati. Memang enjoy. Aku suka Sokcho.

Anonymous said...

charanda *clap clap..* CT tahu lagi minimal hahaha.. cutenye bilik. ada tub meeeeow. sangat best.


CT: Layan feeling dalam tub malam tu. Dah lama x jadi badak berendam.