12 October 2013

Prosperous Oct: Peppermint Restaurant, Gaya Street

Assalamualaikum. 안녕! 

Last weekend, Bunda & I went to Gaya Street for our weekly brunch session together. As we arrived nearly 11p, parking was rather hard to get. After few rounds looking & still failed; I gave up. So I drove up to Wisma Merdeka (just opposite the street) just to park. If it wasn't for Bunda's craving for kueh tiaw soup at Peppermint, I would rather suggest different place to dine. 
This is one of the many stalls at Gaya Street Sunday market. As its name imply, this market is open only on Sunday. Selling varieties of goods. U can find almost everything here. Just be prepared with ur bargain skills; u will definitely need it at some stalls. 
Our main intention going to this crowded place was to have brunch; therefore we skipped the "ronda2 Gaya Street' activity on that day. The weather was rather gloomy; perfect for such activity but I don't have the mood to ronda. Maybe I was too hungry or the hard-to-find parking thingy had eaten up my mood.

Peppermint Restaurant in Gaya Street located just in front the only fountain there; next to RHB Bank & opposite the Affin Bank. 
The tents set up for the market blocked the entrance view but the fountain would be of perfect landmark to spot the restaurant. However, it is quite easy to locate this restaurant during no-market day due to its bright red colour. 
The restaurant has two other branches besides the one in Gaya Street. The first is in Asia City, just behind the Seri Selera food court & the other at Karamunsing Capital. The one in Asia City is the first among the three. Managed by the father as per Bunda told me. While both the sons managed the other branches. Yeah, Bunda sangat friendly she would ask about those stuffs at restaurant(s) where she is a regular. I called her 'penyibuk' but I recently found it pretty interesting. Well, to have curiosity at stuffs like that. And even dare to ask.

Bunda told me, when Chinese open a restaurant/cafe & later have branches they would never renovate the first restaurant. Regardless how well decorated & adorned the branches are, the pioneer remains the way it is. Maybe other things will be upgraded but definitely not the look. It has something to do with 'feng shui' she said. I don't know if that applied by all Chinese restaurant owner but apparently that was what the Peppermint's owner told Bunda. I somehow see the statement rather true based on my own observation. The first Fook Yuen cafe in Hilltop is one of the example. They have few branches in Kota Kinabalu but the pioneer stays the same. 
The menu. Peppermint practice the 'order & pay at the counter; wait for food to arrive at ur table' concept. 
I must say, most of my friends from outside of Sabah questioned the halal status at every restaurants they see here. They have huge doubt entering a Chinese restaurant(s). Unlike the Sabahans; we grew up to this so-called 'tradition' that as long as there are no porks in the menu, then it is permissible to us. Bila sudah faham apa itu halal, barulah concern dengan isu no porks ni. Better late than ignore langsung kan.

And I would like to clear things up too. Here, despite of Chinese being the owner all the workers are Muslims. Including the tukang masak. IF u still have slight feeling of doubt about dining then DO NOT ENTER. I won't be responsible for ur guilty conscience, ok. Go find other restaurant that has the halal sign to clear ur doubt. Peppermint acquired the halal status therefore sila jangan ragu2 makan di sini. 
It is a restaurant that served Vietnam-inspired menu. Sangat healthy diet...they indeed use very little oil in their food. 
"We go to the air-conditioned area, I cannot dine near the counter area...too hot. Lain if we're in Korea, sejuk". *giggles*

Fuh! Bunda being snobbish Sabahan once in a while. Padahal baru jadi avid fan of Kdrama, belum jejak lagi tu. Melampau ok!
Aduyai pun this restaurant! Receipt still using the $ sign. No wonder Bunda pun tripping tourist bagai. Mostly the food price here is in the range of what seen in the picture above. The cost of cold drink has increase from the last time we dined here. It used to be RM 2.50 only. 
Sedap; as always! Never let me down. I had my most favourite nasi ayam (steamed) & nescafe tarik ping for brunch. Kenyang sampai malam!


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4 hollered!:

DJ said...

nampak sedap ni...pi KK nanti leh try...hehe


Sedap! Paling suka nasi ayam dia sebab nasi tu rasa lemak2. Nanti saya try buat review kedai halal kat KK ni lagi. Kawan yang baru datang tulah komplen, dia susah nak cari tempat makan kat KK sebab lack of sources. Plus dia ragu2 nak masuk tapi hidang benda lain. Haha penangan view babi guling sepanjang jalan nak gi Kundasang.

Jari Manis said...

DJ?..bila nak ke KK...

Itulah..kalau JM ke KK leh jumpa Bibi n mkn2 kat sini hiksss


Boleh je JM. Roger je kalau dah beli tix ye.

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