19 September 2013

Prosperous Sept: Thanks Jari Manis!

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

Feeling a mixture of blues&pink this early morning...due to lack of sleep last night all thanks to my super palui friend who introduced me to his new virtual friend. A Korean; jeongmal saenggin namja! Nope, I didn't interact with him whatsoever. But I became his instant stalker overnight. I really hope this will pass soon. Penyakit begini kalau suddenly appeared memang parah!

Arrived cafe with wide smile stuck on my face...which I reckoned the after-effect from last night's stuff. Fuh, I was obviously injured by the abrupt 'introduction'. 

But ain't gonna talk more about that. Because as the title goes; I'm supposed to do a Thank You shout out to my blogger friend; Jari Manis

I saw this envelope on my table when I entered the office just now. Been waiting for this to reach me since last week. Surely it does take time for u to travel from the West to East, right Mr. Envelope. I was rather worried it will not reach me due to countless reasons I've had face regarding regular mails before. There will be no problem to registered mail including poslaju parcel but envelope(s) with stamp tend to lost its way to the cafe. They were either dropped out or disposed by the postmen; I assumed. 
Alhamdulillah, thanks to someone the envelope posted by Jari Manis reached me safely. Intact! Jeongmal gomayo chingu-ya! This fridge magnet is made from a good material. I hope it won't bend like most of the fridge magnets of this style that I bought before. Loving this latest collection of mine. 

I am overwhelmed. And from the bottom of my heart, thanks again Jari Manis. I pray that our friendship will last forever. Do holla me when u come down to Kota Kinabalu, ya. Muaxx!


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6 hollered!:

Ernie Khairina said...

wahh sydney uhuk uhuk

zila said...

wahh...sebijik mcm saya punya...hehehe


Insha Allah kita sampai tu one day...yakin kama.


Aah kan Zila. Magnet jenis ni xmudah bengkok. Nak jejak Australia xtau bila, harapkan souvenir dari orang jelah dulu.

N.Aima K said...

Panggilan australia sd tu beb!!


Panggilan tiket kapal semua mahal. NAngis aku.

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