19 July 2013

CutiCuti: South Korea Day 2: Everland Resort

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!


Sungguh bermotif excitement aku pagi tu. Bangun super awal. Poyo lebih padahal sudah pernah jejak Everland pun.

On the second day jaklah sebab hari2 seterusnya macam berchenta sama katil ndak mau bangun langsung YET demi teringat 'time is gold when u travel' maka haruslah bergigih juga untuk bangkit.

Bukti sungguh we were among the early birds. Subway masih lengang, boleh lompat2 untuk pilih seat. It was Sunday afterall; the Seoulites masih ramai berchenta sama katil. Weekend is time with the family; as Lisa told me before. 

We opted to take the bus from Jamsil to Everland Resort. Just like last time. But this time we waited at the right bus stop. Last year salah bus stop, ndak kan this year salah lagi. Ndak kan si Err hasn't learn from experience, kan.

To get to the bus stop. From Jamsil Line 2 (Exit 6), make a u-turn from the exit & cross the road to get to the bus stop located in the middle of the busy road. Wait for the green bus #5007.  

That's Exit 6 behind Ms G. Bus stop di area Jamsil ni sangat banyak. Apa ndak, jalan raya pun ada 6 lanes ok!

Another option is to take the bus from Gangnam but because I wasn't sure where the bus stop is...hence pilihlah yang memang sudah tau. Kalau ragu2, please refer to the live board at the bus stop. Agak2 nombor bas ndak timbul2, sila rajinkan diri tanya the locals. Just mentioned Everland, they will defo understand u. 
We didn't have to wait long for the bus...but the ride was one helluva experience for us. Bertabah diri berpusu sama orang ramai. It was like everyone who rides the bus wants to go to Everland. 

Bus was already full when we got in hence we had to stand up throughout the journey. From Seoul to Gyeonggi; which is nearly an hour distance. It's been eons since I last ride on a bus; let alone sardine-ing myself in a crowded bus.

From the bus stop near the resort, we took a shuttle bus to get to the main entrance. Its free. And we managed to secure seats although it was only a five-minutes ride. Like, perlukah?
Walawei! Sungguh ndak bersabar orang berbackpack pink itu! Kebulur jalan ke depan.

Annyeong Everland Resort! We meet again. This time, it's hazy summer. No more remnants of snows on the street; like last time. This time around, the theme is Summer Splash. Water splashing to cool down the summer heat, I reckoned. 

Anyway, we got a 40% off for the ticket as I printed the discount voucher from their website. Cheapskate traveler like me will always look for discount stuffs. But, who doesn't love discount. Yes? So if ada sesapa yang plan mau jejak Everland, rajinkan diri buka website diorang. Ndak silap, discount tu valid until Dec this year. Tapi memang every year ada discount for tourist, so no worries. Yang penting bawa printed discount voucher. Aku pun baru ingat untuk print the night before departing to the resort. Luckily hostel kami stay tu ada service printing voucher macam ni...FOC lagi!
The way I remembered the place from my last visit.

Place like this remind me of the people who enjoyed gardening. Bunda & bestie; Ernie always come in mind whenever I see flowers. 
My magical tree. Decorated differently this time. I think the theme is about kehidupan dasar laut. 
Ms G didn't noticed we passed through this buildings. Syok gaban berposinglah tu.

Entered the auditorium for Pororo 3D Adventure. The only indoor show we wacthed that day. 
Too cool a place for mommies & babies. Nursing pondok.
Isn't this cute? Parking spaces for stroller. 
It cost 10,000 KRW to take a picture on the bench. We passed. I will do it if I were there with the chentahati. Motif meroyan sungguh.

Kids are the most enjoyed; most happy. How I wish I could join them...but I wasn't brave enough lah kan. Or perhaps alasan ndak bawa baju spare pun macam logik juga.
*Mode potong stim* Of course u will hear the bell rings...aren't u the one who ring it. Aigoo.
Among my favorite place in the park. The Rose Garden. I simply love the ambiance & the scents this garden has.
Nobody nobody but you! Boleh buat mv siap dengan splashing water di belakang tu. Background rose-y sangat.

Them after lunch. We brought our own meal box from the hostel. Brahim's sangat menyumbang jasa di kala travel. Not to forget my penyet Gardenia bun.

We Got Married (Global Edition) of Taec+Emma's farewell episode was filmed here. And I only got to know about it when I'm already back to Malaysia. Kalau ndak boleh bertrip kejap.
I don't remember seeing any washroom like this while I was in Amsterdam.
Four Seasons Garden; the park I didn't get to visit last time. I don't know how it was decorated during the winter but it is indeed a breathtaking view during the summer. Flowers everywhere. And ouh, lots of Kvariety shows were shot here as well. Running Man is definitely one of them. Ndak habis lagi kan kalau aku.

Bunda went "Wah! Cantiknya!!" endlessly upon seeing this. Hinting me to bring her there. "I want this view; lots of flowers...but I want to go there during winter". Aduyaiiii how lah macam tu. In winter, all the pokok went botak lah Bunda oii!

Just because its pink!
Ehem! I am a fairy now...tell me ur wish. Kununs.
Us ladies. Ahli rombongan summer holiday aku. Thanks for the sweet & bitter memories.
This kind of stuff is like a culture among Koreans. Matching outfits apparently is a thing there. 
Water splash performance in the evening. Splash splash everywhere. Lucky we got to watch it before we left the park. The view above taken while I was on the Skyway lift going up to the exit gate.

Ms Z overcoming her fear factor. An acrophobia that she is, we succeeded in making her ride the lift. Yeah!
Before the Laciun Memorium building. I took a picture on the same exact spot last time! Kenangan betul!
My favorite picture of Ms G on that day. Very the poser!

These two ladies invested their moolah at Etude in Everland. Like there's no Etude store in Seoul, huh. Peluk habis plastic bag takut nanti kena curi kah? 

We left Everland at 5p. Took the bus from the bus stop where we alighted earlier that day...and stopped at Gangnam station; last stop for the green bus #5002.

Balik hostel, mandi manda, rest kejap & off we went to the next destination.


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10 hollered!:

Anonymous said...

cantik gila tempat tu Err!! -pijut-

Ernie Khairina said...

sama ka tu ah route kita pegi Everland? haha saya lupa sudah, tapi mcm jauh juga sikit tu kan? Best gila la Everland, like tidak payahla tu Disneyland paris huhu

Anonymous said...

Mcm byk pula muka sa sini... Nasep x jerawat.... Lucky camera ko trg.. Mine doesnt do any justice to the beautiful everland... Erghhh...-grungesuperbadasscute

BibiErr Karim said...

Memang cantik. Super. Sayang kami xckup masa mau round abis. 1 hari macam xckup ah.

BibiErr Karim said...

Ya jauh. Sama jak tu route dia. Ko naik public bus jg ka tu ari. Best gila bah, haha walau saya bukan jenis yang main all the ride. Disneyland Japan lah nanti mau try. Since Paris xkesampaian tu hari.

BibiErr Karim said...

Sepa suru jadi model berpencen di camera saya. Hahaha. Adeh xjuga terang banget tu. Sebab kena edit color dia tulah jadi gitu. Mau masuk Zootopia nanti kalau pigi lagi.

Anonymous said...

noted! btw, byk review buruk disneyland japan.. better p disneysea japan... sbb disneyland jpn klu wrong timing, bebaris la ko selama2nya ah.. satu hari di sana untungla klu dpt even 1 ride_grungesuperbadasscute

BibiErr Karim said...

Kita pigi weekdays lah. Dorang Uly pigi tu ari ok jg knun. Im not into the games hahaha so ok jak if Disneysea ka apa.

suraya said...

ahhhh everland, i miss this place! >.<
but seriously nak ambik gamba dekat love bench tu kene byr? last time it was free

BibiErr Karim said...

Hi Suraya.I miss it too. Nak pegi lagi insha Allah. Aah kena bayar sebab nampak kat kertas ada sorang adik manis tu duk pegang & tunjuk kat kitorang. Ke kena bayar if guna camera diorang...which later diorang print & frame comel2. Alamak...tulah dah rugi sebab xtanya dia.

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