12 June 2013

Random: Me Ranting!

Assalamualaikum. 안녕! 

I’m not in my bestest mood today. I’m not in that phase since yesterday. Body has been unwell. I performed my puasa qada’ yesterday but soon after the break fast, I vomited & followed by a severe migraine attack not long after. I ignored the pounding head & drove home. Alhamdulillah nothing bad happened on my way back. 

I decided to wash my hair last night to lessen the throbbing pain. Drank few litres of plain water. Forced myself to eat since I had thrown out everything I consumed for break fast. I hit the sack pretty early. Woke up this morning feeling much lighter. But still I haven’t gain my appetite back. 

Had breakfast at Bunda’s place; this time I skipped any dairy-based product to avoid vomiting. No creamer for my drink. Instead of the daily coffee, this morning I took plain tea for I know what it can do. As an anti-oxidant agent, it helps us cleanse the system. 

A week more before my super long holiday. I pray the body will attain its healthiness before the trip. I can’t afford to get sick at a foreign country. I can’t afford to get sick for that will kill my mood to enjoy the holiday. I could be the most annoying person who you wished to not know; when I get sick. Because the drama queen side of me will certainly emerge at its peak during that time. 

Thing happened at the cafe this morning didn't contribute anything good to my already aching head. As much as I tried to hold my anger, I finally vented out a few. Wings please come faster so I could wear u & fly right away.


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