14 May 2013

CutiCuti: Dream World Resort, Kundasang

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

My weekend getaway ended perfectly although we managed to spend only a night out from the city. We arrived a bit late to the resort for Rio & I still have to work on Saturday. Unfortunately, Mr. T & his lil family was unable to join us. The little girl has been under the weather for few days already. Worried that going up to Kundasang will worsened her condition, they cancelled the plan.

So only four of us were able to proceed. Ms G lil family & Yours Truly. For the time being, I am holding the fabulous single role in any of our trips. Motive? Ignore!

This short trip has long been arranged. Since the early year. We've made the full payment months prior the trip. But due to unavoidable circumstances, we had postponed the plan several times. The resort has been kind enough to set new date(s) for us. Since the Wesak & Harvest holiday are coming, we can no longer postpone the plan. 

Anyhow, if I remembered it correctly...it was my idea to stay at this resort. I've been meaning to go since it opened to the public sometime in 2011. Mr T has been there once so we assigned the Mrs to do the booking. Ms G stayed there early this year for her company's management training. I've heard few not very positive feedbacks about this resort yet still decided to go to see for myself. 

Our journey from Kota Kinabalu took about three hours to this resort. We stopped by at Nabalu Lodge, located few kilometres away for dinner. It was raining all the way from the city to Kundasang. We arrived the Dream World Resort, Kundasang at around 8-ish pm. 

It was still drizzling when I stepped out from the car so I didn't take any picture of the reception building from outside. Picture above is the interior of the reception area. Spacious, simple decoration yet elegant.
We stayed at Rosa 2; an executive suite equipped with a living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms & a jacuzzi room. 
The only guy slept at the second bedroom which has 2 super single beds. Whilst the ladies & little sumandak settled at the master bedroom. Super king size bed & attached bathroom. The jacuzzi room is just opposite the master bedroom. 
L-R: Bathroom for master bedroom. The jacuzzi room; can accommodate up to eight people at once. Second bathroom. My verdict for the bathroom? Pretty disappointing for a place called resort(?). Smelly bathroom, flies everywhere, muddy floor & wall. And yeah, spot the pail & bucket? That is so NOT up to a resort standard; really. From my opinion, installing a bidet system would be of a great idea. Instead of providing the pail+bucket. Too low a standard lah weiii. 
I woke up early in the morning but didn't get to catch the sunrise. Alhamdulillah weather was great, I managed to snap few pictures of the chalet. This is Rosa 2's front view. 
Breezy morning air...mega bonus is the majestic view of Mount Kinabalu right in front of the chalet. At least this make me forget about the disappointment of the suite. 
View from our balcony. Yellow building on the left side is the cafeteria. 
Other chalets next to ours. 
Whilst waiting for Ms G enjoying her herbs jacuzzi with little sumandak...I killed time enjoying the tranquillity at the balcony. Sambil ber-cuppa. Bliss! How I wish I could have this everyday. One day, insha Allah. *hands on chest*
For reference to other who wish to stay at the resort. I was too lazy to draw the direction hence the map from the pamphlets I took at the reception. 
The current rate as of now. For government servant, 15% discount will be given provided u have ur kad kerja with u. But the discounted rate exclude breakfast. None of us work with the government hence we have to pay the full rate. Luckily the price is inclusive of breakfast for four. 
The cafeteria located a hill down from our chalet. But NO we didn't walk to get here...apa guna ada kereta kan? Yes I heard u, pemalas gaban! I don't want to transform my fats into energy as yet. That I will definitely do in Hanguk. Sekian.

We left the resort after breakfast. After visiting Ms G's sister in Ranau, off we went to Kinabalu Park for lunch. And departed for KK after that. Reached home around 3pm...done unpacking my backpack, I dozed off until dusk. Kunun penat padahal bukan kau yang drive kan Bie!



Anonymous said...

i still smell of herbs..wakakakakakak-grungesuperbadasscute

BibiErr Karim said...

Wangi ehhhh! Hahahaha.

Ernie Khairina said...


BibiErr Karim said...

Saya prefer tu Kiram's Village more. Murah & terjaga. Gitu.

Anonymous said...

menarik bah tu....

Anonymous said...

Rosa 2 Jacuzzi suck,use for 2 minute electric shut down because of electric Jacuzzi not support.....

Anonymous said...

Hot water for bath and Jacuzzi is really suck... just waiting for fill up the warm water for Jacuzzi in 5 hour then cannat use because the power not support.