1 April 2013

Prosperous Apr: NOT So-Little Cousin in Town

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

How time flies super fast these days. Not so little cousin came last Saturday (23 Mac) during the school holiday...and in a blink of an eye, we were already at the airport the next Sun (31 Mac). Sending her & the parents off to Kolumpur.

It's been a joyful one week for me to have her here. Ada teman tidur for a week in which si Cheeloh makan hati sebab terpaksa turun pangkat dari tidur atas favourite bantal. But being bossy that he is, he chose to sleep in between us both. Janji sama level...jangan di kaki; never his spot!

Anyways on her third day here, she followed me to the cafe. Lending hands at one of the gerai as well. Seeing her standing before me; all grown up. And sibuk melayan customer adalah scene paling sebak. Gone has the little girl who were too lazy to walk to her play school I had to piggybacked her. Thinking back, I guess she's the main reason of my singlehood. Saham merundum jatuh. Either orang ingat she is my daugher or worst; I am the amah.

Back then, she always bully me to watch & play Barbie with her. Now, it's my turn to bully. But my bully came with rewards. After two days sweating at the cafe, I brought her to SH. Kebetulan bonanza RM3 for every plate of sushi; regardless the color...selamat poket aku di situ. 
We went to watch our beloved Mr Tatum as well. After months of not visiting the cinema, I finally broke my curfew last week. The second installation of G.I Joe wasn't that ummph as I've expected. Nevertheless, it's the bonding time with the cousin I treasured most.

She will be sitting for her PMR examination this year. Funny when I still think she's that little girl I used to hugged & kissed whenever I want to. Now, pandai malu ah. Not cool kunun kalau kena peluk or cium depan orang. Choii!! Dulu sikit punya clingy!! I can't wait for the exam to end. We planned for a holiday together this year end. Trip main snow di tempat Oppa-s kami.

Oh yeah; we share the same interest over K-thingy. Despite the gap of age. Sekian.


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2 hollered!:

N.Aima K said...

Daniel 4tahun pun nda mau di cium sudah ni lagi budak tktn 3..jatuh lah saham oiii!!

mcm kakak dan adik bah tiada2 bah mcm mama..kalau d cakap mama tu ketara lah hot mama..

BibiErr Karim said...

Hahaha lintas jalan masih tu memegang tanpa sedar. Tidur pun masih aku peluk2 ah geram. Macam jak time dia kecil dulu. Hahaha saham aku dia kasi jatuh dari dulu tulah aku revenge sekarang.

Kalau bukan mama anak, maid lah aku. Sikut bah dulu sebab dia selalu sakit lutut kunun berjalan pigi sekolah. Kin panas.

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