27 April 2013

Prosperous Apr: The Magic of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

Not so Little update on Chompok's health. 

Chompok was supposed to see the vet last Thurs but I purposely skipped the fourth visit after seeing there's not much improvement on his condition. On Weds morning, he vomited few strands of tapeworms. Lucky I followed him to the litter box when he vomited; else I won't know what had he threw out up until today. I brought the tapeworms to the vet & they were shocked when I showed them. 

Continuous vomit & diarrhea; yet it never crossed their minds it might be cause by the most common amongst feline; worm infestation? The vet gave him another 7 injections(!!) on Weds. He was given the de-worm pill as well. 

I decided to try my own method to treat him. Thanks to the technology, searching for information regarding his condition is pretty easy. There are lots of useful information can be found in the internet; as well as experiences from fellow cats' owners. They are beneficial to both human & animals. I thanked The Almighty; if it's not because of Chompok being ill...I wouldn't be bother to search & learn. It's not that I yearned for the children to be sick but I always believe thing happened for a reason. And I stand firm to my faith that Allah has better plan for me. Alhamdulillah. 

Anyway, Chompok has stopped vomiting since Thurs. The diarrhea hasn't stop but it has lessen. His stool has become more solid; unlike few days back. All fluids. I learned from the internet that feeding a sick cat with apple cider vinegar (ACV) is also a solution. And so I bought a bottle from Con's Food. I added the ACV to the children's drinking water. 1 spoon of ACV + 3 cups of water. Because Chompok is still weak to drink by himself I used the syringe to feed him. At first, he rejected. Showing me every sign that he dislikes what I gave him. I massage his head & at the same time; injected the water into his mouth. Every time he struggles to get away from me; I hug & kiss him. Telling him to be strong & he needed to take what I gave him in order to be healthy again. After few times, he finally accepted the idea. 

Two days of feeding on ACV, Chompok shows quite impressive improvements. He can jumped up the bed which he wasn't able to do before. He started to walk around the house albeit a bit slow & weak. This morning, I woke up to his meowed. Thing he never failed to do before. I am sure, in no time he will be back biting my fingers & toes. Also get stuck in between my hair; whenever he sleeps on my pillow. Insha Allah!!

Just want to share what I read from the web. ACV despite its smell form does have many benefits to human. One of them is to treat heartburn (gastric) & acid reflux. 

As to animal...it contains vitamin, minerals & enzymes important for keeping them healthy. To get rid of fleas; add ACV to water & applied to the skin after bath. Adding it to the drinking water can ease the pain of arthritis & cease hot spots. It also keep kidneys stones from forming as well as to cure itchy skin on pets. 

I added ACV in the childrens' water pot; Cheeloh seems to like the taste. He keeps coming back to drink. But its the other way round for Chombee & Corridor. They opted to drink from the kitchen sink; every time I opened the tap they will get into the sink. Few drops from the tap will do rather than having to drink the water with ACV; I guess. I introduced the ACV to Chomel using the syringe as she is one fussy queen. Thank God she loves being pampered like that. Drama queen memang macam tu! I have no worries for Cafe as he consumes everything I gave him. 

Tomorrow I will bathed them all. Time to apply the traditional, natural & cheapest way I've learned from reading. 


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5 hollered!:

Malicious Mind said...

wah buli jadi vet sudah ni! tabik!

BibiErr Karim said...

Verangan jak tu Dana kalau mau jadi vet. Haiwan lain aku xpandai handle.

Ernie Khairina said...

wahh alhamdulillah. ni ACV ni mmg sa masukkan dalam baking

BibiErr Karim said...

Tulah saya tau selama ni guna dalam baking jak ah. Hahaha now I know bole buat diet juga untuk diri sendiri. Kasi lancar digestion.

Anonymous said...

kc pamper sa guna ACV.. thanks!-grungesuperbadasscute

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