2 March 2013

CutiCuti: Singapore Day 1 - Universal Studios Singapore, Sentosa Island

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

According to my plan, we were supposed to look around Sentosa Resort before entering USS. Since the theme park opens at 10a. That is; IF the coach departed from Johor as scheduled. But we could only plan, Allah determined everything. 

Nevermind that...I have set my foot upon USS ground, eventually. Be grateful for there are still people who don't get the chance to go. Selamat tiba pun salah satu rahmat...not to forget, the bright sunny day. Alhamdulillah.

 Hollywood zone. The first part to be seen upon entering.
Standing before the Hollywood alley.

Left turn at the end of the Hollywood road. We're greeted by the characters from Madagascar. Didn't take any pictures at this section though. Except the one above. Ngek.

Yippie! The Far Far Away Castle. Finally, beautifully standing before my eyes! It would be super great if we could stay until the Hollywood Dreams Parade...where the castle will be lighted with colorful lights. 

Photoop moment. We were there just in time...Shrek & Princess Fiona went out of the castle to greet their fans. 
At the main door of the castle. We queued for less than ten minutes for the Shrek 3-D film show. 
A little bit of introduction before entering the theater. Reward to those who have seen Ogre? Why Gingerbread looks so sad? Pinocchio locked & chained in a box? What did Shrek do to save his beloved wife & friends? 

The twenty minutes show is indeed entertaining. The physical effects that synchronized with the film make it more enjoyable. Moving chairs. Water sprinkle everytime Donkey sneezes. Wind blows. Spiders crawling at the feet. I enjoyed the show. Bunda was so into the show; reacted to every effects. 
It's time to enter the Ancient Egypt. Ready to meet the Mommies...
But the queue for the Revenge of the Mommy roller coaster ride was ridiculously long...we skipped the idea to ride. And luckily met these fellas. Is that Anck-Su-Namun; Imhotep's long lost love? 

A photo with the trademark at every zone is a must. Albeit the scorching sun, posing perlu maintain senyum lebar.
Sci-Fi zone. Meet my darling Bumble-Bee. Standing so sexy up there. Love love!
Bunda's favorite hero in Transformers. Optimus Prime! It's a robot. It moves & listened to instructions from the staffs. Cool, huh! 
Queuing for more than forty minutes for the Transformers: The Ride. A ride worth my waiting time!  Recommended big time! Seriously! And I didn't complain at all although the line was way too long. 
Brilliant way to entertain the bored us. The path leading to the departure area are filled with Transformers thingy. They made it look like we're in their ship. That's the sparks we have to protect in order to protect the earth. 
We proceeded to the New York zone...and found the Sesame Streets' famous characters were performing in front of the 'library'.
We met so many characters & that made us happy visitors! I never expected I will have the chance to meet Shrek, Fiona, friendly Ernie...let alone Elmo! I didn't care if I have to chase him all evening in order to get a photo together.

Hahaha come to think of it; I was either the first or the second in queue each time a character appeared for photoop session. Buruk perangai; mesti terkinja lari ndak ingat dunia. 

Lights, Camera, Action hosted by Steven Spielberg. The stage is set up to show how special effect in a movie were made. In here, the scene mimics a major hurricane hitting New York City. 

Sold for $3 each. Shedap!
Took out our bakcpacks from the locker...and it's time to bid goodbye to USS. We will visit again soon. Insya Allah. And that time I already know which ride to go first. Definitely the Mummy's ride. Never the Galactica. Be it the Cylon nor the Human ride. Yeah, I am that chicken for such ride! And also what shows to watch. We accidentally skipped quite a few exciting shows. Rugi! But for Lost World, we purposely skip the zone. 
Out from USS, there is this shop selling candies. Most colorful top vision. Varieties of candies decorated the tree outside this shop.

We rode the Sentosa Express from USS to Vivo City Mall. And later rode the MRT to Aljunied; the nearest station to our hotel in Geylang Road.  It is only 10 minutes walking distance to reach the hotel from Aljunied. 


Surau @ prayer room at Universal Studios Singapore is situated at the Sci Fi section. Near the Battlestar Galactica-Human entrance. Refer picture below; with the yellow box. If u're coming from the Transformers area, it would be on ur left side. U could take ur ablution at the toilet nearby. 

But please keep in mind; the surau has no partition for man & woman. It's rather small too; could only accommodate few people at a time. I didn't perform my solah here as it was a bit crowded when I went there.

As we finished exploring the theme park at 530p & still have few hours more to perform our jama'; thus we decided to straightaway go to our hotel. Since Bunda & Ms A seem to be out of energy; I forgo the idea to stroll around the resort area. Insya Allah, next time I will take my own sweet time to do the leisure walking. 

I also found a passable spot to perform solah in the theme park. The tent where we took picture with Shrek & Fiona; is secluded from the crowds. Not many people pass the pathway. The tent is behind the building situated opposite the Far Away Castle. Next to the small fountain surrounding the frog statue. Maybe there are few other spots but this is the only spot I managed to scanned. And it passed my own piawai. 



N.Aima K said...

terganggu/tercabar kewanitaanku sama kekasih c imhotep.. kah3x..

BibiErr Karim said...

Tinggi ya ampun. Pakai flat jak dia tu. Ada ramai mau gambar sama dia tapi sombong gila ni. Karakter kali. Ada Nepal yang berebut2 kan, terus dia pusing ndak layan ah. Aku cuit dia terus dia pose gitu. Haha lucu. Time kamu harap banyak karakter keluar.

Anonymous said...

ok sa jeles!-grungesocuteiwannadie

BibiErr Karim said...

I bet kalau time ko pigi nanti...lagi banyak tu ride ko try. Be prepare to get wet kalau masuk Lost World. Trylah tu Galactica, on behalf. Sebab saya memang ndak kan naik sampai bila2.

Anonymous said...

patutla ko ckp lost world ko nda mo.. sa lupa tny d previous komen.. btw, sa tunggu post seterusnya.BYE!_grungesuperbadasscute

BibiErr Karim said...

Lagipun tu LW tutup masa kami sampai depan gate. Prepare untuk show apa ntah. Mo tunggu another 50mins lagi. Siok juga kali tu main slide & basahkan diri. Lol. Ada juga yang ndak basah tapi roller coaster tulah babai awal. Saya mau try tu Mommy brabisan nanti. First ride saya masuk tu nanti. Hahaha ok saya akan gagah update.

isabelle frankly said...

tetiba aku rindu pulak nak gi movieworld kat golcoast.
weh bie, i realize ur smile is different now...no more pouts eh?

BibiErr Karim said...

Lagi sebut Goldcoast buat dada I merombak jeles hokey! Aah pouty pose telah tamat pada 2010 Belle. Adalah buat juga tapi dah jarang. Agak nak muntah tak dengar kepoyoan ku itu. Hahaha.