26 February 2013

CutiCuti: From KK to JB

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

Alhamdulillah. My recent short getaway ended blissfully. Second out-of-town ladies trip for Yours Truly. Poyo!

I purchased the Air Asia ticket few months before the trip. It was indeed an impromptu decision. Was checking randomly on the promotion tickets offered when I accidentally stumbled upon the super triple cheap fare. I didn't think twice. Clicked clicked clicked, filled the form & made payment. Voila! Two return tickets to Johor Bahru with Bunda. And yeah, Singapore came in mind the moment I decided to purchase the tickets. Main destination is definitely the Universal Studio that I've been meaning to visit ever since it was opened few years back. 

After finalizing the itineraries; I proceeded with hotel bookings, coach & entrance tickets purchasing. Knowing me, Bunda wasn't surprise when I told her that I bought flight tickets to Johor for both of us. All she said was

"Remind me the date so I can arrange the pekerja earlier"

And so...after months of waiting & planning, the day eventually arrived. Syukran Allah for the opportunity. On the 22nd Feb, we together with a friend of mine departed to Johor at 10a. Arrived Senai International Airport after two hours & a half on board. Out from the arrival hall, I bought the coupon for airport taxi at the counter near the main door. A 20 minutes journey to Tune Hotel, Danga Bay from  the airport cost RM 44.00.

As we arrived early from the 2p check-in time, we wandered around the lobby & outside the hotel killing time taking random pictures. Lucky I've made the payment via online booking; thus we were able to check-in thirty minutes earlier. 

Very helpful counter people they are; answering every ridiculous questions we threw. Not ridiculous as in nonsense lah but there were too many what-s, how-s & where-s questions. Not to forget we asked for maps as well. Talking about tripping tourist? Whatever! Cuba ndak dilayan, harus terus aku cop annoying counter people. 

I chose this hotel despite it's not so cheap price because we have to catch the coach to USS very early the next morning. Sekali harung beli when making booking for the hotel. Excuses! It's more likely that I was too lazy to search for any cheap hotels nearby...which I found out later; there are a few actually. Located only spit away from TH. Offering cheaper rate! Malu bertanya sesat jalan. I have few Johorien friends, also friends who've been to Johor many times before yet I was too snob to ask. Serve me right. 

View from outside of Tune Hotel. Tabah menawaf luar kawasan because girlfriends who will be going to USS via the same method as mine next month requested a brief explanation about how-to-exchange-the-voucher for Odyssey coach to Universal Studio Singapore works. Note the rectangle yellow line...that's where the Odyssey office is. In between the 7-Eleven store & Compass Coaches office.

Zoom in. It's selca session bersama si Err. Sekian. This is the place where u need to exchange ur voucher for the boarding pass to USS situated right next to the hotel's lobby. It's very impossible to miss it. But remember, u could only get ur pass after checking in at the hotel. U will be given a voucher in which u shall bring to the Odyssey's office. Exchange it with the boarding pass & jot down ur details on the form at the counter. Kunun tu untuk book slot time padahal the only available slot time is 730a for departure from Johor & 730p departure from USS. 

Immigration card is also given. Fill in the form the night before...to avoid any chaos early in the morning. Isi siap2lah supaya ndak sawan kena panic attack time orang lain sibuk mau board coach. Sana mau pinjam pen bagai, sesak nafas ok!

One boarding pass is for the members in ur group so please make sure the number of pax written on the pass is correct. Else, kau nangis darah the next morning bila kena deny from boarding the coach. Date tu pun penting. Please double check the boarding pass before leaving the office. As they will close at 5p, any amendment or inquiries shall be made before that. For those arriving Johor after 5p; sila email or call pihak Odyssey for further details. 

The bestie always wonder how the TH's room looks like. Here! Our room for one night; standard twins room. We didn't take the coach back to Johor as scheduled for we booked a hotel in Singapore. Bunda wanted to spend at least a night there. 

And I said...what's the point going there if I didn't take the chance to see the Garden by the Bays by myself?! Ndak kan malar layan syok sendiri through gambar orang lain, kan?

p/s If u plan on visiting Tanjung Puteri Harbour; where the Lat's Restaurant, Legoland & Hello Kitty World are; u can get the information from the Odyssey office as well. Or if u wish to explore the place by urself, u can ask further details at the Tune Hotel's reception counter. But if u're going with kids,I suggest u to take the coach. Less hassle. Less headache; definitely.


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12 hollered!:

Ernie Khairina said...

Dalam bilik mcm ala2 travelodge hee..tapi ni modern lagi la.
Cantik tudung ko. kegemaran masa kini tu kan

BibiErr Karim said...

Ya moden padahal Travelogue pun saya tengok dari web jak. Haha. Maybe sebab new hotel tulah nampak moden. Very basic ni bilik xda towel semua.

Hihi tu tudung sugarscarf. Baru ada 3 sekarang. Tu ari order tapi lambat baru, sekali kena email semua sold out sudah. Xpa mau tunggu 2 weeks time lagi ada design baru.

Aima Kaim said...

Eh boleh pula komen keh3x..

aku pilih tune sbb PENGARUH RAKAN SEBAYA kah3x.. blom buat perbandingan..tapi aku dpt ms promo RM200 utk 4 mlm incldg toileteris tv aircond wifi dan tiket coach utk 4 org..harapharap lah berbaloi wu wu wu wu..

fotogenik ja tempat ni dlm gmbr er..more photos plsss

Puan Azmah said...

ahhhh psl hotel tu, aku pun agak mnyesal sdh ni hahaha, padahal bnyak pun kwn johor, mertua lg org johor. ada ja hotel murah deeeeekat sama situ jg. ish ish ish...

BibiErr Karim said...

@Aima: Aku pilih sebab itu jak terlintas di kepala sejak aku tau pasal coach Odyssey tu ya. Memang lah ko paling beruntung, murah habis sudah tu kau dapat. Aku 1 malam pun RM62. Basic room berabis langsung xda ditambah apa2.

Padahal xda apa sgt digambar area Tune tu ah. Sebelah highway banyak flyover jak.

BibiErr Karim said...

@As: Ya ada tu sama harga jak tapi semua ada. Aircond, wifi, etc. Huhu xpa Mama ku cakap experiment.

Anonymous said...

apa ba oddesey ni..explain gia_grungesuperbadasscute

BibiErr Karim said...

Odyssey is...si Pisang cute paling comel. Sekian.

Anonymous said...


BibiErr Karim said...

Hope ko paham explanation saya pasal bas Odyssey tu.

Anonymous said...

paham sd sikit, mo bili tikit di kaunter dia time arrival d tune hotel 1 day before kan.sekian-grungesuperbadasscute

BibiErr Karim said...

If ko stay Tune, xpayah beli sebab tu tix Odyssey boleh beli direct online when u book for the room. Kalau ko ndak stay sana, then u have to go there to buy the ticket.

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