28 February 2013

CutiCuti: Johor Bahru to USS by Odyssey

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

Johor Bahru to Universal Studios Singapore by Odyssey Coach!

We woke up pretty early that morning. Excited for the trip. It's been my wish to visit Universal Studios Singapore. Well at the very least, to take a photo before the infamous revolving globe at the entrance area of the theme park.

Alhamdulillah. Dream came true. And to top it up, I went there with Bunda. Double bliss.

Always fall in love with the morning skies...sunrise never failed to amused me. As Tune Hotel is situated near Danga Bay, the view from the lobby was pretty awesome. 

But Odyssey let me down that morning. Not good for first impression. I didn't know who to blame nor did I know where to put the blame. We were told to gather by 715a in front of the hotel entrance. By 730a, there wasn't any glimpse of coach at all. People started to get bored by 8a. I could hear all sorts of griping & complaining. Bunda started to 'throw her tantrum' as well. I pitied those parents with little kids. Hours of waiting with nothing entertaining; definitely wasn't a great idea for them. 

The buses finally arrived quarter to 9a. Again, silly thing happened. As if they've just started running the business, everything seem too chaotic for me. We were asked to fill in the form for seat booking during the time we exchange the voucher to boarding pass. By logic they should already have the number of people who will board the bus. But two buses weren't enough to accommodate number of people waiting. After so much dillydallied, we finally departed from Johor at 10a. 

Fortunately, the immigration processes at both checkpoints didn't take long. 
For less than twenty minutes, we arrived at Johor Bahru CIQ. The coach driver dropped us here (picture above) & waited us at the exit point. We can just leave our backpacks/foods etc in the coach since we're still in our country; and there's no baggage screening at this point yet. Next time, I would like to try to go to Singapore by car. Insya Allah.
On board the coach; crossing the causeway to Singapore. I can see the city from here already. Adrenaline pumping up more. Poyo!
The driver dropped us once more at the side of the road & we had to walk to Woodlands immigration building. This time, we have to bring whatever things we brought from Malaysia. They will be screened before we left the building thus it is best not to bring any prohibited items with u. 
Everything settled at one go. Down from the escalator, coach is already waiting for us at the parking bay. The upside of taking chartered coach instead of public bus, perhaps. Since we entered Singapore on the weekend, traffic was a bit slow. We only managed to arrived Sentosa World Resort at 11-ish. Despite the hassles earlier, I thanked Allah for we arrived safely. 
Out from the coach. This is how the basement looks like. We got on the escalator pointing to Universal Studios. Anyway, for those going back to Johor on the same day, u will need to be at the parking bay where the driver dropped u during arrival...15 minutes before 7p. 
The escalator will take u to this view. Tadaaaaa...USS' revolving globe before my eyes! Truly a dream came true it is. But first thing first; I warned myself. Before the jumping with joy kinda poses...let's find the most important place. Lockers room! We have super heavy & huge backpacks with us; exploring the park wouldn't be great with them. Yes? And photos will not look good either. 
Typical me, I did my own research where the lockers room is situated before the trip. I downloaded the resort's map; sekian! From the escalator, the lockers room is behind the globe. Next to Hershey's shop & Universal That's A Wrap gift shop. As we have three backpacks, we chose for the big locker. I don't know about the rental fee for the small lockers but for the big ones; it cost us $20 for a day. U can also opt to rent it for two or four hours. Rate is cheaper.
Time to pose...and pose...and pose. Ignoring the grumbling tummy. We only took light breakfast at the hotel hence explain the famished tummy. Cik Err was here! Finally! A photo of mine before the globe.
And another pose...albeit the sea of people, I managed to have my picture taken with no stranger in it. Makaseh Bunda.
A must enter place for hunger people like us. For Muslims, there are only two stalls with Halal sign available. They situated next to one another. From the entrance, take right. The stalls would be on ur left side. I had nasi lemak with chicken for early lunch. While Bunda & Ms A had mutton briyani. Don't question the price; it's in the theme park remember. Tourist spot. 
View from inside the so-called food street. Unique concept with numbers of stall selling variety of foods to choose from. 
Brilliant effort...instead of using polystyrene or plastic material which obviously is non-degradable, Singapore opted for a greener world. It's a biodegradable product! Talk about conserving the environment for future generations. 
Done with our meals...we entered the theme park. Hooray! The awaited moment had arrived. It's weekend thus the crowds. 

Anyhow, it's a wrap for now! Stories & pictures inside USS will be updated in the next entry. Insya Allah.



Anonymous said...

ok jeles..... btw, only oddysey provide direct p uss kan... eh! sd sa tanya pula tu.. cannot wait for next entry-grungesuperbadasscute

BibiErr Karim said...

At least ko dapat terbeliterbelah sana Bugis St ok. So far Odyssey saja saya tau. But ada juga bas lain direct to USS tapi departed from the city center lah. Tonight I update the sambungan, IF ndak penat. Wekk.

Malicious Mind said...

nasib baik lah you pergi tidak hujan, waktu kami pergu dulu, hujan leat ribut petir lagi sampai round habis pun ndak sebab malas sudah.hehehe next time aje la nampaknya

BibiErr Karim said...

Alhamdulillah time kami tu weather super great. Panas terik jaklah tapi better than raining kan. Kau lagi bawa budak, sian dorang ribut petir segala. Kalau kita boleh lagi meredah. Bah pigi lagi Dana...psst, nanti mau tanya pasal HK trip kau ah.

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