23 May 2012

Edisi: Of Flu

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong!

The weather has been super hot in KK lately. I started to feel all dizzy on the way home from the cafe last Saturday. As soon as I reached home, I immediately did the housework to divert my attention from the dizziness. Plus, perlu berpeluh sakan supaya sakit ndak melarat.

By late evening, I was already back to the healthy me. I must say a rather fast recovery from fever & mild headache might be the cause of the unwell me today. Unsteady body & unable to stand for long. Lucky enough I didn't faint while waiting for my urusan to settle at the immigration department early this morning. 3 good hours of waiting; gila banyak statements bingai aku dengar from the officers. Note to self: Next visit, perlu bawa earphones.

Body temperature started to heat up just now. The breathe I exhaled, aku sudah dapat rasa haba habis. And flu came visited as well. When I have flu I don't normally sneeze, but  instead I tend to have reddish swollen eyes. So yeah, jagbyeol Panda Eyes & annyeong Junky Eyes sebab serius aku macam orang stoned.

I decided to play the trick against my immune system once more. Went back home early...sweat myself by doing the house chores. In the middle of the week; super rajin moi vac-ed & mopped the house. Refused to hop on the bed albeit feeling too weak to even stand up. I put aside the throbbing head, watery eyes & itchy nose. Focus were all on the chores. I even managed to make dinner. Alhamdulillah, after few hours of struggling  I gained my strength back. Perhaps the finger-licking nice dinner was the cause. Nice one Bie, sila lah sila puji diri sendiri...lain tahun!

Before hitting the sack, I awarded myself by watching the 1st episode of Running Man. And laugh my heart out throughout the whole 1 hour show. By 11pm I was already in my dreamland I guess. Super awal masuk tidur kan, super best bangun awal awal awal pagi. But it's just pretty weird when I didn't noticed that it rained heavily during dawn. Apakah kes?

p/s Syukur aku sudah sihat tapi mata masi berair, kesan bersin yang terbantut2

4 hollered!:

kizzy t.fauzi said...

get well soon babe! =)

BibiErr Karim said...

Thanks beb. Getting better now. Hidung jak masi gatal2.

Malicious Mind said...

lately memang panas semacam tapi still syukur la janji nda hujan memanjang kalau tidak banyak urusan tergendala. Oh ya ko mo jalan sudah kan, hopefully semua persediaan sudah 100%

BibiErr Karim said...

@Dana: Ya. Ada tu aku bca news, weather forecast 2012 mmg Borneo naik temperature nya. Tu ari ja dkt 35'C ah.
Hihi alhamdulillah so far preparation ok la. Mo atur btl2 ni dr sni so that sna xla aku kelam kelibut.

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