26 October 2011

Of Public Holiday

And so I spent my Divali holiday, lazying at home. Potato coaching enjoying myself with Kdrama titled Heartstrings. Super love the romantic comedy drama series...such a wonderful remedy for the aching  & confused heart. Erk, sila abai statement berani mati. 

Still have few more episodes to finish. I stopped in the evening to give some rest to my eyeballs. I've forced them to concentrate on Asus's screen since early in the morning. Lucky I managed to vac the house  & do the laundry before I started watching. *Mode Rajin suddenly arose* Else, I'll be facing mother's 'death penalty' once she got home in the evening. 
I so love how the director narrated this drama. I cried when the actor/actress cried...I can feel the strong emotions they want to share with the viewers. And yeah, reason why I want to watch this was mainly because of the storyline. Heartstrings is one of Korea latest very popular drama series. The handsome actor & the cutiepie actress...fell to second level. Ahaks.
Ehem, I saw Finiey's latest album she uploaded in her mukabuku last night. And the pictures she took during her short vacation to Kundasang with her family; riveted my attention! I immediately fall in love upon seeing the thick mist & view of Mount Kinabalu from the place she stayed at. I am a LOVER of the highlands & the ocean. So yeah, anything related to both things captivate me big time!! Instantly I commented on the pic(s)...and impatiently waited for her reply. 

Dream World Resort is the name of the place. A new resort; began operating sometime May last year. It is located near the Desa Cattle. Also is the same route as Kiram's Village where I once stayed with Mel & Dolly sometime last year. Definitely a place I wish to go & at least stay overnight in one of these days. Simply to unwind & rest the mind after the busy lifestyle I'm currently living now. Nope, am not complaining about the busy part...just that I know I still need a short getaway from all these hustle & bustle.

Nonetheless, I thank Allah SWT for everything. Syukran untuk rezeki ini, untuk nyawa ini, untuk kasih & sayangmu. Alhamdulillah.


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Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

aku pn ada pg sana jg aritu..lawatlawat ja bejalan..maybe aku datang dngn expectation yg besar..imagine this place superb cantik viewnya mcm d Pine Resort bah T__T skali smp erm erm bngunan yg masih baru...dan pemandangan kundasang yg sedang membangun hu hu..maybe few years later baru nampak keindahannya kali..hu hu

BibiErr Karim said...

Ouh ya ka? Ala klu nmpk Kundasang yg botak tu aku xmau la. Tunggu la in few years time kali. Harap2 cepatla menumbuh apa2 yg patut. Tapi sna Kiram's tu sgt terbaik. Di kaki gunung ba tu dia. Cantik eh.

Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

er situ bah yg aku mau pg betul tp di mana bah tu? tensennya aku mencari ha ha ha

BibiErr Karim said...

Memang xda sign board p sna. Ko tau tu Golf Kundasang kan..b4 tu golf, ko akan jmpa tu resort belah kanan. Jln Mesilau jg tu.

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