20 September 2011

Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah

Huahhhhhhh...nangis darah warna pink. Minggu ni baru jak start tapi seriously aku adalah super penat! Like; penat yang tiada ampun! This week started way too hectic for me. My joints are about to break asunder! The tiredness yesterday was indeed immeasurable. After nearly 2 months of sitting at home relaxing & fleshing out...walawei aku benar2 diuji gitu.

I miss scribbling in here. I really do. I miss curhat-ing & talking rubbish here for I know this is the only place where I can talk or say my heart's contents. But, alas my current bustling life disrupts what I enjoyed doing before. I can't even afford to get sick. *sila muntah* Had a swollen gum yesterday & migraine came to attack sometime in the afternoon. Yet because I was too occupied at the cafe I couldn't allocate even a minute to entertain the pains. Kau...punya lah poyo gaban kan Bie ayat macam hampas. Betul lah, student ter-over ramai unlike previous semesters. Non stop flooding the cafe. Ugh at a point there, I wish I could just snap my fingers...and poof! They evaporate into the air & will only be back before my eyes when I snap once more. That is ONLY after I've taken a little rest. Punya poyo busy sampai minum pun KONON ndak sempat. *please muntah lagi sekali*

When in hectic situation as such...I tend to forget to eat. Oh yeah, that sounded too poyo but hey that's the truth! Yesterday, I break my PQ with only a cup of iced nescafe. When I reached home, I was all charged up to finish the apams polkadot order I forgot I haven't feed my tummy the whole day. I took my super late dinner cum sahur when I sensed I was about to hear mother's grumbling if I still refused to eat. Mr. Gastric is the main thing I need not to meet these days. With all the tasks & stuffs...I don't think the system is ready enough to accept any visit from him. Haru biru hidup kalau dia sudah decide untuk melawat...let alone if he decides to stay for few hours or days.

I have so many things to share...like; duhh! Janji untuk update 2 cerita mengacau jiwa itu hari pun belum tertunai kan. That's how busy my life is right now. I've saved too many entries in the draft folder...waiting to be deleted or published soon. Phew!! I haven't officially congratulate Mr & Mrs. Melario for tying the knots in this site as well.

Fact that I've become more forgetful these days scared the F out of me! I really wish I could at least write a line or two in this precious blog site in daily basis. Kekunun akan jadi bahan rujukan manatau aku jadi nyanyuk awal. *knooooooooooock on wood* Just as an early preparation...kavagu dau konii.

Ok, I really need to 'pen off' now. Like I said, so many poyos of stories to share yet too little time to scribble. Kan aku suka trip busy gaban macam ndak da lah orang paling busy selain aku. Hemo hemo. Will try to squeeze my time to write something serious & beneficial for myself soon. Insya Allah.


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