10 September 2011

Kepada Dia semua kembali

Another soul has been called home by The Creator early this morning. Innalillahi wainnalillahi rojiun. 

The late Nenek Net departed peacefully at dawn. In her sleep after suffering from a MILD fever for few days. Subhanallah. She emigrated in a way that is so easy. It is one of the rewards He has promised to those who always obedient to His orders. What's more beautiful is that she passed away on FRIDAY; the leader of all days. And every Muslim knows the extra bonus one will get if the soul was freed on this day. 

It drizzled when she was carried from the mosque to her new resting place. And it rained the whole day right after she was buried; as if the entire universe mourned upon her departure as well. Insya Allah, people like her gets the best place in the hereafter.

A woman who lives according to the Qoran...breathe to the words of Allah the Almighty; deserves the best of rewards. I pray for her smooth journey down there. May she sleeps well under the care of Angels until the Day of Judgement.


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