7 September 2011

Cuti please!

A strong sudden urge came attacked my mind this morning. BANDUNG is the word that came tagging along. Oh yeah! Of a sudden, I yearn for a vacation. And surprisingly this time my longing came up with a specific location. Buzz Grunge in her mukabuku because we've been planning for an All-Ladies trip since last year. But Laura wouldn't be able to tag along hence we decided to put the plan aside for the time being. Insya Allah, next year will it be carried out if all thing went well as planned.

Anyway, this weekend I'll turn myself into a busy bee. My weekend is already fully booked with events. Saturday at home & Sunday at Kizzy's. Yay to that. By acting kunun busy, I'll make sure the sudden urge will stop popping & the zero-mood to celebrate Eid will vanish. Insya Allah.

Next week I'll be going off to the highland to attend Grunge+Rio's wedding mass & reception. With the rest of the PPGs & Paus-es of course. Miza & Chom are flying all the way from Kolumpur just to attend the big day. God bless u both super wonderful ladies! I hope that would be a suitable way for the system to break loose all the unknown stresses. Perhaps it's just the hormone playing trick. Menses is in the time to visit therefore those out of nowhere kinda urge is understandable. Unstable hormone circulation will definitely affect the way I see, weigh & value things around me. A fact I've came to realize many years already. 

Home has become less merrier ever since the cousins went back to Kolumpur. Cafe has started operating since last Mon. I think those are the reasons to explain my decreasing keenness to celebrate Shawal. So far, I haven't attend any friends' open houses as yet. And I don't have any reasonable excuse to give either so please cancel ur intention to ask. pfft I pray for this topsy-turvyness to end soon. Amin.

Am currently still in the state of disappointment over cruelty to the animals @Petknode actually. Haraplah semua akan bertemu owner masing2 as soon as possible. It break my heart every time I look at the poor cats. I wish I was in Kolumpur; seriously! So I could help whatever is needed...and registered myself as a volunteer. sigh

Hmm...enough dramas revealed already. Gotta hit the sack now. Till then.


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2 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

mo ditampar2 sj tu owner tu PK tu

BibiErr Karim said...

Kazen sy mo p sna tapi dia takut sesat. Sbb still byk kucing sna blum kena foster. And setakat ni ada 8 ka xsilap mati; traumatized / virus infection. Adui sedih!

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