13 September 2011

Buruk Lantak!

Started scribbling at 1148pm.

I've been quite unwell since early this morning. Alhamdulillah for it's a sign Allah wants to vanish my petty misdeeds. I was all healthy on the way to cafe this morning...I even departed early from home. But I was already feeling a bit breathless upon reaching the cafe. It's like something blocked my breathing system I couldn't inhale enough air to my lungs. Worst part arose when I came back from the bank. I regurgitated which instantly emptied my stomach. I threw up almost everything I had since last Saturday until I have nothing to vomit any longer. Hate the part when I could only vomit gas because that cause painful heartburn. Head started spinning soon after I got out from the loo. Came afternoon, I felt dizzier I decided to take a short nap. 

Alas, that short nap caused nothing but more headache. I left early from the cafe; so needed a good rest at home. I can't seem to force myself to work. Albeit leaving early I still got stuck in a traffic jammed. Dang! Seriously for a moment there, I just wish I have wings so I could just fly home instead of having to be in the middle of the congested road. As if spinning head & suffocated chest weren't enough to colour my day...fever decided to pay me a visit as well. 

Upon reaching home, I immediately took my shower. Washed my hair mainly to channel the heat out from my body. I wrapped myself in a thick sweater & cocooned under the duvet. I have to produce more sweat if I want to be better. Unhealthy sweat as per mother addressed it. Went to sleep right after dusk & woke up few hours later. Feeling more healthy & energetic. Alhamdulillah I have finally recharged myself. Got tons of tasks to settle tomorrow hence I can't afford to get sick in any of these days. 

Haven't eat anything since morning. I only managed to drink up 2 glasses of 100plus today. Purposely took it to gain back my energy. I have got no appetite to eat although my tummy is crying to be filled. For the time being I can't look nor smell any food without feeling nauseous & wanted to throw up. Just for the sake of satisfying the tummy, I took a cup of tea & half an orange. Still the tummy keeps singing to warn me those aren't enough. Pfft I thought by being unwell I will get to continue with my diet plan. 

Too much fat & carbs consumed for the past 2 weeks...all will need to be abolished soon! Mesti dapat my pink of health semula!


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