19 June 2011

Nan Kronik

Sesungguhnya aku punya penyakit nan kronik.

It took me quite a while to figure it out & also trying to understand it.

All I could say now is that; I'm cordially coping oh-so-well with this disease. Loving my very own way of appreciation things. As long as this isn't a burden to anyone then I guess it's not a crime to just fulfill what I want. Please put the blame on the demented gene I am force to carried in my system. I ain't have the power to choose.

Ok I shall stop the absurdity already. I was actually talking about this particular disorder being of mine. Whenever I have watched a sequel film series, the desire to search for the previous series would be tremendously huge I can't wait to get home & look for any downloadable video. Although I've watched them before. Thanks a lot to technology I can now download any films I want. Regardless the year they were released.

Semua di hujung jari. I like!

This was released in 2000 but being an outdated person that I am...I figure about it only after watching it's sequel. *refer below pic* Boo hoo!

The first time I lay my eyes on this series, I made a blood-pact with myself that I would never miss any of it's future sequels.

Can I say that I fall in love with the YOUNG Magneto? NO!! Definitely not the present Magneto please.

I've downloaded all four series just now...and I will have my X-Men: Down the Memory Lane moment at the office next week. Yiihuu!

Just so u know, I also have this sort of addiction towards the Underworld series. Oh yeah, I could go nuts by watching them back to back in just 1 bloody day.

After the flick above...I fell in love with Kate B. Hence the Underworld addiction I could say. I still have the cd at home which was bought sometime in 2006.

What makes it more meaningful a disc is the fact that it was a gift from someone special. The message he wrote is readable; still. Sweet old memories! Remembering the memories is fine as long as no dwelling activity involve.

Note to self: Dwelling into the past is severely prohibited. Please be warned. Thank u.


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