20 June 2011

An Epic Procrastinator!

I was clearing my Edit Posts 'folder' when I saw this in the draft post. Was going to just delete it yet considering my hard work on putting it up & the time 'wasted' waiting for them to be uploaded I guess I'll just get it posted. Sudah alang2 kan. Boleh juga menjamu mata.

First time making the egg tart. I used the aluminium foil mould because I haven't buy the actual mould.

Kuih Lapis kontot. Brought them to the cafe. Glad aunty likes it. So did the workers.

Kuih was the company during my date with Mr. Seth Tan.

On Friday (3 June 2011)...went to visit Jess during lunch with the ladies. She's doing fine; and the baby as well. 24hours in labour room before baby Kich was delivered really left quite an impact to her. She's still in trauma, so she told us.

Indah ciptaan Dia. Baby Kich in my arm. Finally.

*geram* He is small in size his daddy decided to call him Kich which stands for Kicik/Kecil. Welcome to the world little kiddo; Trevhor.

Aunty Mel peka kamera. While Aunty Laura busy chatting with Jess. Sharing this & that about baby stuffs. Obviously Mel, Grunge & I have no room to share anything. Inexperience people like us could only LISTEN & ABSORB.

Mommy Jess who is still in her confinement period. Congrats to both of u Jess & Keggy.

Attended my roomate cum coursemate during diploma year wedding in Kudat on the 4th of June 2011. Dragged mother & aunty along since I haven't renew my driving license. Tau pun takut kena tahan masa road block. Choii!! And Mel couldn't make it because she has to attend a close relative's wedding back in her kampong.

My roomate is someone's wife now!! Oh yeah I haven't swallow that fact as yet. *fainted*

Gorgeous bride! Tinguk muka orang ndak pernah mekap...berseri wei sekali sekala bercantik. Ha sebab ni lah kunun aku malas mau tempek mekap berdebu2. Bajet bila kahwin nanti naik seri berkilau2. Hampas ada!

They resemble each other don't u think? Orang bilang jodoh panjang kalau muka sama. Insya Allah. May Allah bless ur marriage; here & in the world after. Amin.

Congrats Norasiah & husband. Sekarang kau sudah pakai title PUAN wahai kawan. I am uber happy for u. Enjoy ur life as a wife & jadi isteri solehah.

That's all for now. So much for a poyo entry! See u next entry.


8 hollered!:

isabelle said...

x aci la bie..
ko x dtg lg jumpa adib.dah nak masuk universiti dah anak aku tu.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

kc publish semua tu post d draf folder ko
klu sa order 6 pieces egg tart
6 pcs cc bulika?

BibiEr Karim said...

@Belle: Tula pasal. Mak ai dah nak masuk uni ye? Adam pun aku xjmpa lg. Aduyaii.

@Grunge: Ini sija lor. Sy xbrapa suka simpan post ba tp tu ari knun super bz. Erm, egg tart min order pun 12pc leii.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

ba. 12 pcs egg tart
16 pcs cc
6 red velvet
6 cukulat
buleh ka tu moi?

BibiEr Karim said...

Itu egg tart momaintai. Tapi tu cc kan, xdpt buat gitu. Sbb 1 batch sy buat mmg utk 12cc. Ngeh.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

eh sa silap
ari tu sa dingar ko ckp min cc 16 biji
look at my math
sa minta 16
tp 6 biji RV
6 biji choc which is equal to 12

12 bj tart
6RV cc
6choc cc

ngam ka tu

bg time keegy's son full moon la a

Malicious Mind said...

berbakat ko ni. kuih lapis pun pandai ko bikin

BibiEr Karim said...

Sambil bancuh sambil tgk resepi. Hahaha!

Kuih lapis ku kontot babe. Sbb patut pakai pan yg tinggi & less lebar. Tp as usual, aku langgar pantang. LOL

Oh ya, choc sheet ko yg aku janji blum tertunai kan.

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