22 June 2011

Ate...awok takde ceghiter

Obviously I don't have any idea on what to update right now. NO? Too many thoughts running in my mind at the moment yet I couldn't find the right way to convey them in words. I'll try to type as best as I could...saving them in draft & will click the publish post tab once I completed. In which I can't promise when.

I mentioned about the cakes order in my previous post. They belong to the love angry birds; Miss Grunge & Mr. Rio for the Mother's-cum-Father's-cum-Parent's Day celebration at Grunge's hometown.

Just for the sake of updating & fulfilling my bored time...here's some pictures to cuci mata.

Ailin did the fondant alphabet-ing.

Cheesecake for the mothers in her family. Tama stands for Mother in Dusun language.

Because the weather was scorching hot last Saturday, the fonts melted. The car a/c couldn't beat the heat outside even. But as per her; what matters the most is the taste.

For the dads. Tapa stands for Father.

Chocolate cupcake for the parents. Grunge told me her nieces & nephews super like the chocolate toppings they only ate the top & left the bottom cake to be eaten by the adults. Lucu eh.

Thanks for the order dear friend. And yes, I have another cake & cupcake order for this coming Saturday. It's the same event as celebrated at Grunge's kampong, only this time they are for celebration at Rio side. Praise be to Allah for the rezki.

Since I've declared war with my crave for foods...I made kuih bakar for dinner to feed the sulking stomach. After few slices, the tummy finally surrendered & waived the white flag up. Enough with the kueh for I am full; so it screamed. Oh yeah, psycho plan gue jalan lancar.

Kuih kontot sebab suka langgar resepi.

Ala-rainbow pudding for dinner last night. I want to completely substitute my super heavy & fatty dinner to something light yet nutritious.

My favourite author he is. I've been eyeing this book online since last year but only got to grab one recently.

It's been a while since I last purchased book as above. While waiting mother to be examined by the doctor last Mon, I killed the time wandering around the book store next to the clinic. And walked out the store with big grin on my face. Alhamdulillah ada kesempatan beli buku ni. Something worthy for the soul perhaps.



7 hollered!:

kizzy tf said...

chett ingat aku jak yg kering ide mau cerita, rupanya kau pun sama hehe.

btw, jgn lupa dtg rumah 2/7/2011, manja sanding. jam 11.30am.

datang ok! aku tunggu dgn Sara.

BibiEr Karim said...

Bukan kering beb. Terlampau jammed packed yg dlm otak skg ni. Ntah mana mau tulis dlu. Chewahhh.

Insya Allah kami akan sampai. Kami?? Jeng3x. Aku mau digambar byk2 ah. Erk sepa yang kahwin ni ah? Aku ka Manja. LOL

in THE name OF the WHO said...

cantik tu cc time d kk pula kan
cair suma time d rnu

p/s: sa rs kan, ngam tu deco utk cc warna cerah sikit sbb tu cc choc kan, gelap jd klu deco dia cerah, menyerlah sikit tu tulisan aka contrast dia lebih sikit..
just a suggestion:)

BibiEr Karim said...

Hihi sbb choc gitu mmg cpt cair. Mau kasi kurang shortening tu lain kali spy tahan lama skit.

Btw, tu fondant si Ailin yg buat. Sy requested utk dia buat warna2 ceria tapi itulah hasil dia. Msa cucuk tu sy ckp jg...xngam brabis sbb gelap + gelap = disaster. Dia senyum2 ni.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

trus sa lapar

namronphotography said...

nyum nyum err...

BibiEr Karim said...

@Grunge: Alaaaa lapar2 knun. Diet leii.

@Man: Nyum2 jugeee.

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