15 June 2011

Another cerita-ng

As being bragged told earlier, last Saturday I attended the gathering organized by the hostel ladies back from high school. Considering I am not in the mood to pong-pang(2) at the moment, I hope pictures will do the talking for me. As well as few lines of captions of course. Ngeh~~~

Some of the foods they brought. Since I came far away from KK, it was an exception for me to bring any. Tapi gue bawa drinks ok. Penting juga tu.

The scrumptious choc cake Lisa bought for the gathering...pardon the upside down writings. As per Lisa, we shall put the blame on the hot weather & traffic jammed on her way to Fafana's house.

Sampai 4 orang volunteer masak nasi? Bangga dapat kawan2 macam ni.

Teman & sahabat during high school.

Only few were there; some cannot make it. Nonetheless, we had so much fun that day. It's been nearly a year since we last met & chatted. Except for Tasya *far right sitting on the sofa*; whom I haven't seen since 1999.

On Sunday, went out with the family for luncheon at The Mines.

Bought new casing for Mr. Sam. It's PINK & I couldn't be more happier.

Lurveeeeeeee my new pumps. *like many many many times*

Was supposed to watch movie but most showtime clashed with our schedule. Kunun mau pigi nuntun AF final konsert; alas plan ke laut due to a friend's report telling me Putrajaya hujan! Hampas kelapa; hujan limpas jak pun ok??!! Went home from Mines exhausted...tidurlah jawabnya.

Watched the concert at home. I didn't wait for the result announcement because I decided to 'crash' Downtown. Shawls hunting. Brought back only 4pieces. Before heading home, I stopped by at Cititel to send the takanons I bought for Laura & Chom. Couldn't lepak long enough with the ladies for I have to be back early. Departing for Kuala Pilah early the next day to send cousin back to his campus.

I guess itu jak lah laporan hari ini. *wooot tripping* Going to Downtown in a bit. Henna painting session it is! And gonna meet up with Dayang later on...ice cream session for supper!!! Best!


2 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

sempat ko membeli casing to be sa

BibiEr Karim said...

Ada sy p cari tp for fon yg blum kuar, casing dia pun blum ada. Kakakak nnt la klu ada suda sy suru kwn sy beli pos p KK.

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