10 April 2011

Expecting new baby!

So I hereby announce, my online retail therapy activity has officially end. Or was it more to officially forced to end? Seriously, I regretted for having called the bank. I just wish I didn't make the call to ask them on how to change the preferred phone number for TAC request. Ever since I changed the phone number, I've been transferring money non stop. There's always purchase(s) in a week...and so did transactions in my account. Oh man have I injected myself with too much online shopping viruses.

I know I know!!!! I have to stop all this. By any means necessary. It's ridiculous a habit. Albeit knowing oh so well the consequences that came along with it; I enjoyed it still. And regret came knocking right after I realized I've used up my entire budget for entertainment for this month. Pat on my back...faster u! And bang head on the wall. Hampas!

By the way, I am currently nervous to the core waiting for the below item to arrive at my doorstep! It's the last stuff I purchased for this month...through online. I promised myself that already. Please know, the announcement is mainly for online shopping only. It does not include retail therapy at the mall. I repeat, DOES NOT. But I hope, I will shop less after this. Membazir amalan syaitan cik Err, please engrave that in ur mind. I wish I'll be more tolerable to the urge to buy & buy & buy more things; too. And stop giving attention to the so called impelling force. U need to save up more lady. Remember ur upcoming plan(s); they ain't gonna carry out without RM!

The toy camera @ Ultra Wide Slim Pink Dress I bought from theclickshop.

Made the payment just now & next I found myself jumping joyously upon receiving the reply from them. She's gonna be in my grip in 4 days time. Patience is truly the one thing I shall be having now. Fuh...I am totally agitated. It's a film camera, fyi. And just for the record, I haven't shoot using a film camera for years!! Last time was in 2003; on my diploma convocation. I've forgotten the feeling of having to wait for the film to be process in order to see the outcomes. Gosh, having her with me is gonna be awesome.

Thanks so much to Nurul for the link. I've been negotiating with myself either to have it or not. Months of this & that; pros & cons...I eventually made up my mind last night. And I think I've made the right choice to purchase it. No more nightmares after this...I suppose. Drama!

Oh, it's time to hit the sack already. I have to wake up early tomorrow. Need to be at the post office before heading to cafe...gah gah gah; I have another parcel to claim. Shawls I bought last Fri from some online boutiques. Some as in more than one kah tu? I'm also waiting for the inners & shawl I recently bought from EKC. Yay to the ndak sedar diri moi!

p/s I was busy rearranging my scarves & stuffs today...will post pictures of it tomorrow. Budget ada orang mau tau? *bluek*


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Hihi nnt da smpi aku update lg. Riak ke? Bongos je bunyi.

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