3 February 2011


I failed sailing to dreamland! Officially conked out. Been back from movie date & supper for almost 2 hours already. I get myself ready to bed right after reaching home. Hopped on the bed with 1 precious mission; sleep. Every position & side I took seems not right. I felt discomfort & that alone is enough to hinder me from sailing. Didn't take coffee during supper just now. In fact, I had quite heavy a meal to be categorized as late night snack.

Mother's working tomorrow. Kedai makan ndak boleh tutup on public holiday(s); that was what Bungsu & mother told me the other day. Whatever, yang penting cafe closed for 4 days. Yippie. Not so good news is, I am left with no one to enjoyed the holiday. Apart from the children, I am the only living creature at home. Creature that could talk! I don't feel like going out. Menses snatched away all the enticement to go out. Drama! I have no mood for retail therapy even. Something I found incredibly ridiculous and hilarious yet have to force myself to swallow for it's the truth. Boleh jak hilang nafsu buang duit. Hmm musykil bin hairan. Since I spent most of my time at the cafe, I think I'm gonna spend the holiday just at home then. Bilik sudah rupa wrecked ship. Spring cleaning the bedroom & house shall be my objectives for the not quite long break.

Can't wait to get my ass out of town. 1 more week before the 'holiday with mother' commences. Bungsu & lil bro will manage the cafe & kedai while we're away. Let's hope nothing goes amiss throughout our absence. I am so looking forward spending the time with mother. It's been a while since we last had our mother-daughter session. Mahu ke spa; itu harus. Less agenda for shopping this time*sila percaya*...we prefer for more sightseeing instead. Berjimat itu bagus untuk simpanan masa depan. Oh yeah, heard u oh-so-clear. Poyo, NO?

As for Mr. JP; I hope he'll enjoyed playing the 'mencari kelibat bayang si dia' game. Mari doa dia ndak give up easily. Ni kali merasa lah kau teleng 1000x mencari bayang orang yang bakal ndak wujud di cafe for a week. Breakfast lah kau 1000x kali; keluar lah bersigup biar habis berkotak...tetap nggak muncul orang yang dicari. Ahaks. I finally got to share the flakiness of it with Grunge during supper just now. And also minta pendapat Arjuna si Grunge. I is like having boyfriends like the Paus-es. Ok ndak boleh puji lebey, nanti besar bontot dari perut. *wink*

I'll be entertaining myself with these 2 K-Movies. Downloaded in less than an hour ya'll. Loving the festive season; less people surfing the net hence the speed. Sila semua keluar bersuka ria celebrate CNY, aku mahu muat turun lebih banyak. Kombawa.

Unstoppable Marriage (2007)
Now & Forever (2006)

Gila chenta the Koreans' piece of work(s). And oh, movie last night was great as well. We watched Shaolin. The best action movie(s) has always came from the Chinese. Xièxiè. I super love the explosions...the martial art movement...except the place where Andy Lau landed before his death. Yang tu macam a bit lawak for me.


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isabelle said...

ni bajet geletis tu berangan jadi mcm korea drama tu la ek

namron said...

arasso? hehehe... new layout theme ka? very nice err...

BibiEr Karim said...

@Belle: Oh yeah! Selalu berangan nak kahwin Korean tp bila fikir sedalam2, harus kubur niat. LOL

@Man: Oi hello long time no see! Ara ara. New theme sgt. Aku ni harus bertukar mcm selalu jak. Nice ka? Tq tq.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

mmg buntutnya libi basar dr purutnya..wakakakak

BibiEr Karim said...

Buntut sepakah itu? LOL

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