21 January 2011

Pendek ajerrr

Today I'll be off to work a bit late. Need to bring Chombee for his review. 1 more day before I could confidently say no infection on his wounded nose. Insya Allah. He is weak still. Maybe effect from the jab yesterday. Guess he's in the anesthetic state. That sounds more relieving than having to hear his feeble voice. He eats less but at least he's eating. I really hope he regain his appetite soon. Chombee adalah tidak comel berbadan kurus. Full stop.

Cheeloh on the other hand meow endlessly since last night. It's like he wanted to ask everything. What happened to his father...which clinic did I brought his father to...yadda yadda. IF only he can talk, I'm sure I'll be exhausted answering all his Qs. I love them all, nevertheless. Regardless how annoying their meow could be sometimes. Sila tahu, Cafe loves peeing on new stuffs. Marking his territory alkisahnya. Bro new sandals or boots bola selalu jadi mangsa.

Oh I better get myself ready. Matahari sudah naik kok bu. I'll write again later.


2 hollered!:

isabelle said...

am ailurophobic..no comment

BibiEr Karim said...

Hihihi. Xpe no comment jgn je tetiba tnya soalan bonus mcm yg disebut kat entry di bawah.

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