20 January 2011

Overly Dramatic Moi?

Morning ya'll. I'm definitely a morning person these days. Mother was a bit shocked when I responded to her text at 5am just now. I don't know what 1432h/2011 has done to me but sure enough this whole 'bangun awal' thing will leave quite an impact to my life.

*I was in the midst typing the above paragraph when suddenly I heard an eerie crashing sound downstairs. Indeed, it ignited panic attack to the system. And paragraph below tells u the rest. Updated after I got back from work*

Thing happened for a reason. I can't stop telling myself that since early this morning. There's a reason why I decided to stay awake after SuPra. Apart from being able to depart early from home it is. And also being able to watch that someone having his breakfast.

At around 640am this morning, an incident that wrecked & broke my heart into thousand pieces took place. Chombee fell down from the window. And please know, my apartment unit is at the 2nd floor. He fell right before my eyes. I quickly ran downstairs to pick him up but only to find a stain of very thick blood on the walkaway. My heart stopped beating for a moment there. I kneel down to search for him when I heard his weak voice came from under one of the neighbor's car. What I saw smashed my heart more. It's like it was squeezed hard enough to suffocate me. Tried persuading him to come out but he was in great pain he didn't move even an inch. Only his heart breaking feeble meow was heard. Lucky enough, a guy who is living above our unit and whom I never talk to except mother showed up. He offered his help albeit he was already late for work. Ehem...I heard him talking over the phone about being late & NO it wasn't eavesdropping.

I took Chombee into my arms as soon as he came out. He was gasping! And his saliva contained blood. And more blood around his nose & mouth!!! He sneeze blood too. Words totally couldn't describe how I felt at that moment. I was alone at home because mother stayed overnight in Sepanggar, she's too exhausted to drive home last night. I brought him back to the house. It hurts me even more when I saw more blood stains on the floor not long after we entered. There's stains on the wall as well. Not to forget my jeans, top & shawl.

I cried frantically when I saw his tears. Called my ladies asking for help also letting them hear my melodramatic cry. Oh yeah, I succeeded in injecting worrisome into their veins. Thanks so much for the concern & for being so helpful. Those close to me know well how the children mean to me. Having taking care of them since they were born...what shall u expect the feeling I have for them. Some might say they're just animal. BUT for me, they are part of the family. When they get hurt, I feel the pain also.

Therefore to those who mocked my attention & love for the children...u are most welcome to walk out of my life. I called & wanted to share my sadness yet what u responded was totally devastating. I was teased. I was said being out of mind because I cried hysterically. I was said being too dramatic because *duh* it's just a cat. First word I heard upon mentioning Chombee's name was; "Dia mati? Hahahaha. Lek bah, kucing sija tu". I still wondered up to this moment, what kind of friend asked brilliant Q as such. I didn't force u to like cat or whatever thing related to it, all I need is just for u to hear & understand. Guess what I asked were just too much for u. sigh Ok, drop it off. I'm back to the stable level already. No bringing up any heartache please.

Anyway, I waited for almost an hour in front of the vets clinic while still trying to calm myself down at the same time. So much of an emergency service. Doctor arrived at 8am although I did inform the only nurse who came early; that it's an urgent matter. Fortunately, nothing serious with Chombee. Only his nose blocked with blood clogs hence the gasping. And he has swallowed blood from the injury...which explain the blood in his saliva. Xray was done as well just to make sure no bone fracture. He was vaccinated & injected with painkiller. Funny thing was when a guy who came with his dog asked me is Chombee pregnant. And I can't help but to laugh. Chombee is a male cat fyi. And he is big in size; undeniably.

Only the nose wounded. But still; that shattered me!

Blood stains on the shawl.

Pack of wet tissues to wipe the saliva & helped stop the bleeding.

Showered him after getting back from the clinic. He climbed up my bed right after I dried up his coat, curled his body on my shawl. Because he's unwell therefore I pay no mind to the shawl. Biarla koyak sekalipun. I'll pay extra attention to him now because as per the doctor, cat tend to recover in speed when being given extra care. Insya Allah, all in good time.

I hope he'll be back kicking soon. Kind of miss his mischievousness already. Yet for now I have to hold the thing I love doing with his nose...sliding mine with his. Please get well asap darling.


4 hollered!:

ladyang said...

aduh bb..aku almost nak meraung bc entry ko ni..lagi2 bile tgk pic tu..tapi bile doc kata dia ok...it was such a relieve!
hope chombee will get better soon ok sayang...
love, mummy yang..

BibiEr Karim said...

Aku meraung mcm org mati laki. Naik risau kwn aku. Sebak gile tgk airmata dia. Dahla kite xleh tnya level mana sakit dia rasa.

Insya Allh he'll be ok. Arini bawa g review lagi. Just his nose sumbat sbb blood clog tu. Nnt da sihat aku post gmbr dia. Thanks.

If Chombee reti ckp he'll say thanks Mommy Yang as well.

lola said...

chombee get weel soon x

that insensitive witch shud shut the fuck up.


BibiEr Karim said...

Che che Lola...Chombee said kombawa.

Ohoo sempat ko hambur marah sna ah.


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