17 January 2011

Monday Bliss

Woot. It's gonna be a wonderful Monday today. A perfect starter for a great week. I woke up just before the alarm buzz. And didn't sail back to dreamland after SuPra. Took my shower & get ready. Since the clock hasn't strike 7 as yet...I decided to take the extra free time to update this site. Mother is still sleeping. We're going the separate way today so yeah, I'll be driving alone to cafe then. She's headed to her kedai to sort out some stuffs before the official opening tomorrow.

I definitely had a fantabulous weekend. Although having to work on Sat & Sun because I have catering to cover, I indeed enjoyed. Since I am currently running out of time, I'll just feed u with pictures huh. I've made a resolution to depart for work at 7am on the dot; daily. So far ada tersasar sikit but I am sure I'll do better soon.

Let's begin with what I did last Friday ya.

Attended big sister's post-birthday celebration at her house. Cuppies we super love from Colorlicious Fairycake. Thank IjaLyn for making our evening extra cheesy joyous & dramatic. We can't stop ourselves from going all ga-ga over the cute cuppies. Specially the small eatable camera miniature. Sedap gilak. Moist gilak.

With the grown-up lil missy.

Ouhh Aunty Pis misses u so much darling. And thanks for the kiss.

Don't ask me what's with the over-reacting smile. I can't really explain about the oh-so-wide grin. Pouty smile no more??

Sisters in the house.
Laura - Yours Truly - Mel - Grunge - Jess

On Sat, attended Tia Kyla Oluminodun Gintanau full moon. *GRUNGE, IT'S BEEN CORRECTED*

Everyone berebut mau dukung this lil tot. Sangat geram & geram & geram.

Us; who arrived early with the proud parents. Ohoi Bie, perlukah anda kelihatan seperti maid?

Regardless the noise...she sleeps soundly throughout the evening. Ada bangun kejap, just to show us how sepet her eyes are. Just like daddy. Copycat all her daddy's trait ok.

Yesterday, melawat kedai makan. All set up. Alhamdulillah. And Insya Allah ready to launch.

Kenduri was held. Mohon berkat & rezeki yang murah dari Yang Esa. Amin.

I guess that's all for now. Gotta make my move now. Nanti gue terperangkap dalam machet. Plus mahu nonton someone breakfast. Oho mungkin kah hari lebih bereerti sebab dapat cuci mata sekarang?


7 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

Gintanau not Guntanau
Buli kena sue ni tau


cute pula wide grin
make it ur 2011 smile

and pls email me all the cute pics of mine from ur phone
I looked glowing

isabelle said...

aikk...nonton someone bfast? siapakah ituuuuuuuuuuuu

BibiEr Karim said...

@Ida: Ya ya nnt sy tukar. Mau sue2 knun. Deiiiiii. Ep11 blum sy dpt lg ah. Mana? Nnt kita exchange tu pics with VD. Mcm??? Hihihi. I know wide grin suits me well. Bah 2011 it is. Knunnnnn.

@Belle: Ehem. Yg ditenung itu bukan yg bakal kuar tgk wayang tau. Yg ni calon #2. Wahhhhh delusional.

Nia said...

wah,..ur restaurant ke ni? cool! kat mana ni?

Baby&Me Shopping Style Contest for kids 5 y.o and below

BibiEr Karim said...

Ish xmampu lg nk buka kedai sndr. Ni tolong promote je. Kat KK. Nnt turun KK mehlah dtg singgah. Ngeh~

Malicious Mind said...

ohh i thought you buka kedai baru, ni la ni bila la aku mo ke cafe ko ni UMS ni. mau jugak pi. FB message phone number mu

BibiEr Karim said...

Hihi memang kedai baru. My mom yg jaga sna. Menumpang kasih kedai family. Ndak malu kan. Bah datang la tapi amaran awal, datang time lunch aku susa melayan. Sbb aku jadi tukang jual skali.

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