26 January 2011

Hooo Yeah

It's a bit late but I'm indeed satisfied. Counting more times to be in the battle named 'lawan mata'. Saw Mr. JP (Jejaka Pemerhati) after the assembly this morning. Bliss Weds morning it is. I is like that kinda situation. Dalam mencari, tiba2 dia muncul depan mata. Ehek ehek...gatal sungguh diri ini sekarang. Luckily it is still in the safe phase, manageable.

As per Ms. Andrew- Graham; I have to be in control of everything I do. I have to take responsible if my decision(s) went wrong & face the reality. Kena jadi orang bertanggungjawab.

I don't know how will the battle be in next month when I went out of town. Pause mode will be activated for a week I guess. Bersabarlah Mr. JP ya. Sabarlah hati Cik Err ya. Sepa suruh suka pelihara Cik Ego Melangit, padan muka merana dera hati sendiri.

Therefore I guess...for the remaining 3 weeks or less, I'll take the opportunity as much as I can to 'wipe clean' my eyes. Woot woot. Please ignore the delusional mode.

Apa boleh buat tuan punya badan hanya mampu bertindak di dunia imaginasi saja. To do it for real belum mampu. Tenaga belum habis charge. Or perhaps, what we're doing now is the farthest he could run. Gue ikutin aja. Kalau betul mahu kok harus usaha lebey. I've given the 'nod' to proceed but he is just too slow to make a move. It's ok, pelan2 kayuh...insya Allah dengan izin Dia, pasti berhasil. Yang penting sabar.

Anyway, I can't update this blog in a daily basis for the time being. Pretty exhausted almost everyday. Yet, I kinda enjoyed busy life like this. Less stress, less problems to think of, less mess created & list goes on. 1 jak aku ralat, bakal kureng aktiviti menuntun wayang aku. Macam banyak sudah show aku terlepas. I haven't watch The Way Back as yet. A flick that is inspired on true event. Oh sangat mahu tinguk.

Nasib sempat curi masa last Sunday...watched 2 flicks sekali. Oh yeah membalas dendam kununnya.

Khurafat evening with bro & FSIL. My rate? 3/5 for our film. All the best to u; Mr. Shamsul Yusof. I seriously adore ur masterpiece. Pat on his back...storyline memang unsangkarable.

And later that night, I watched this ALONE. While mother watched the movie I've watched earlier that day. Ahaks.

Can't wait for Priest & The Rite to start screening. These harus dituntun as soon as it's on screen.


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