27 January 2011

Gue tukar profesion

Ok just now I feel like laughing & rolling on the floor. How could a guy be that shy? 3x sudah mamat tu keluar masuk kunun untuk berasap...tapi kepala melilau cari bayang. Ohoo aku pun jadi si pemburu bayang automatically. Together we strive to be the best 'stalker'. Pity Mr. JP; balik2 keluar berasap ndak lama jantung makin bertar. Gue bukan menyumpah, ini realiti dunia medik. Gituuu.

The windy & breezy weather make me sleepy. It feels like I'm on a cradle...the air sounded like a lullaby to me. Oh how I wish I was at home, boleh jak membongkang.

Something came up at the cafe spoilt my great mood. Fine, I allowed them to controlled my emotion. I'm in the midst of my PMS therefore even the simplest thing means huge to me. And trigger the anger to flame. I'm trying so hard to ignore the angst & so far I've succeeded. Silence is the best treatment for me at the moment. I fear I'll vomit fire if I were to speak more about the things. Ugh pemusnah bahagia betul.

Calling for Mr. JP...calling for Mamat Shy, sila keluar for the 4th time please...only to switch my mood back. Ahaks gatal maksima di situ. I ain't need anything or anyone to cheer me up. Sudah pun ok after few minutes of deep breathe. Seksanya tahan marah, tahan geram. Macam mau cekik diri sendiri.


3 hollered!:

isabelle said...

byk betul konflik dalaman u ni lately. hahaha

kizzy tf said...

aku pun tukar profesion. tu sana ada blog award utk mu babe. check ah. muaxx

BibiEr Karim said...

@Belle: Aku xdpt nak lari dari DQ trait tu. Hahaha nak period kot tu yg angin xtentu. Gedik lebey!

@Babe: Okes. Thanks ah. Nnt aku p amik. xxx

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