28 January 2011

Golden Award goes to....

Thanks to Kizzy; Gadis Orenj for the award. It's been eons since I received the last one. And as the normal tradition goes...there are Qs need to answer. So here goes.

1. How long have u been blogging?

- Almost 6 years now (I first post my very first entry in July, 2005). Started with friendster blog & later to blogspot. I have privatized my first blog with blogspot domain though.

2. What is ur purpose of making a blog?

- I got influenced by a friend when I first started my blog in friendster. And later, my blog became a medium where I share almost everything & anything. Including some personal stories. It has become my most trustful friend ever since I started scribbling. It always willing to swallow whatever things I poured on it.

3. Who inspired u so that ur blog becoming like now? *gila ayat direct translation*

- I was inspired by many bloggers. But Ms. Yusleny played the biggest role in introducing me to the blogger world. Thanks mucho darling.

4. Make a post about the award.


5. Send this award to 4 other bloggers. Aiyak, can I give to more than 4?

1. Ms. Yusleny Pohan - U're my ultimate guru. Thanks for being such an inspirer.
2. Ms. Dana Wazani - Friend since primary although never gotten really close to u; but I somehow know certain sides of u through ur blog. Thanks for sharing.
3. Miss Heldah Galambun - The one who shared almost every feeling I have. Words couldn't describe how grateful I am to have her in my life. xxxx
4. Ms. Yang Zaiti Hanafi - Ur love story harus buat novel. Aku chenta the way it works. I know it ain't roses along the way; but the wounds & scars & bruises are all worth the journey.

Bloggers above are all wonderful-fabulous wives/wife-to-be & mothers/moms-to-be. Juggling between family-personal-work is really not an easy task. I don't think I can fit in any of their shoes at the moment. Walau selalu berangan mahu buat rumah&tangga secepat mungkin. Ahaks!

p/s To those I didn't tag...sila jangan mengaus/merajuk. U ladies are still the best di mata gue.


8 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

wife to be..sa touch o..wakakakakkaka

BibiEr Karim said...

Erk...ko ka tu yg wife to be? Hahaha.â

ladyang said...

well..thanks bb..tak tau pulak it will give such impact to others..anyway, terkezut mak nyah tetiba baca nama aku tersentil kat situ..hahahahaha

BibiEr Karim said...

Hihihi Yang kisah korang antara jadi inspirasi. Aku da 'jaja' kat ramai orang. Jangan tekejut nyah...untuk kategori kisah inspirasi, kau mmg layak. Just like what u post in ur blog. Yg audition AI tu.

Memel said...

if there's ever an award for 'the dustiest blog' please give it to me. wakakakak

BibiEr Karim said...

Of course. Ko igt sy akan give u space utk explain?? Harus tu ko yg 1st sy kasi.

Malicious Mind said...

Wahhh terharunya aku dpt award ni!! Shall blog about this. Thanks again err, happy chinese new yr!

BibiEr Karim said...

Hihihi no biggie. Lama kan xda give away award ni. Siokness. Happy CNY to u too Dana. x

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