25 January 2011

A'ha geletis!

Phew yesterday was one of those day in which I called ‘hari patah tulang’. Alhamdulillah, despite the enervation I thank Allah for the rezeki. Berbaloi2 tetesan peluh upon closing sales for the day. Syukur.

Bumped into Mr. Jejaka Pemerhati early in the morning somehow moulded my good day I guess. Boo hoo me because I haven’t gain the courage to look directly at him. Seems that both of us enjoyed the ‘pandang-pandang jeling-jeling’ kinda stuff; still. Cuci mata jarak jauh masih boleh praktik di zaman serba canggih, RIGHT? As long as NO PSYCHOSIC party involved, I don’t think that sort of game would harm us. For the time being, I prefer to just relish the moment. It’s been so long since I last had this feeling. Hati dup dap & rasa mahu control ayu walau memang aku ndak ayu 24/7. Buruk eh perangai. We’re only brave enough to stare each other when we’re nearly hundred of metres away...itu pun curi menjuling menjeling. Double teruk tu perangai. Oh I heard u clearly, childish. Undeniably but I like the way we’re playing now. Jangan jak luka parah dalam battle ni sudah. Strategies need to be plan wisely. Insya Allah all in good time.

And today he’s on leave. I think so because I haven’t seen him since I arrived this morning. Ok weird. Apart from having said that I don’t actually pay any mind to being his attention...I somehow miss his presence. Adakah aku geletis tahap gaban? Oh yeah, I definitely miss that someone who tries his best to attract my attention. I am no one’s subject today. Perlu sedih hati. Uwek. Keadaan hati huru hara bila tiada...tapi ada depan mata kau buat orang tu macam tunggul kayu. Ego melangit biar jatuh hempas diri sendiri.

Anyways, change of topic. No matter how much sweat I produced today they still couldn’t outbalance the amount of food I consumed since morning. I eat like a pure glutton. Tolak batu pasir jak aku reject. Oh plus durian too! I had nasi kuning sambal ikan + hamcoi ayam for breakfast. Few hours later, nasi kerabu + fried chicken for lunch. And to my surprise someone sent something to the café this evening…yang ni memang unsangkarable because I didn’t plan to have tea today. Yaaa right!!! My favorite 'thing'! Cakes; a chocolate cheese & cotton cheese. Both were cheese...cheese...cheese. OMG aku pening banget. And together with a PINK pudding to compliment the cakes. I am full. Tummy & tastebud satisfied; thirst quenched. *burp* Syukur.

I got to capture the cakes only as I was too eager to indulge the strawberry pudding. Lupa ambil gambar.

Thanks SA for the lovely thought of urs. Next time SR cake please. Wah demand!


2 hollered!:

isabelle said...

sudah2 la bie. jgn la tayang gmbr kek pulak.
aku baru je balun sedozen donat kelmarin.

BibiEr Karim said...

Oit oit yg baru bersalin...melantak tak hengat. Hahaha xpe xpe, jadikan bf sebagai alasan terbaek.

Ala aku nk perasan bangga ada org minat kekonon. Best gile perasaan dpt kek surprise. Hahaha. Tp migrain sbb skg ni alergic skit ngan coklat.

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