7 December 2010

Aku Kunun

Menses cycling in a bit I guess. Been suffering from the pre-MS for days already. I can stand with the muscle-cramped & other sort of pain associated with menses...but one thing. The fuming flame of anger waiting to burst in the chest. In which has become pretty controlable by now. Syukur. Although I'm not quite sure when had I finally took control of the explosive anger, I thank Allah for giving me the strength to be able to manage & channel the anger to a more civilized way.

I used to be oh so impossible & ridiculously insane when I'm on my menses...but slowly, those intolerable being somehow lessen down. Perhaps as the age grows; maturity comes knocking in parallel. Or maybe, I had enough of the flame already. The body eventually get bored & sick of it. Oh yeah.

Burning heart all the time afterall, isnt't good for health. Neither to the face. Wrinkles will come creeping in multiple rate. Oh heaven, it is one of the thing I wanna get rid of. If given the power to do so. Right!

Did literally nothing today. Woke up early, made breakfast for mother & I. And oh, went out in the evening. Had tea with cousins & aunties at FY, Gaya St. Dear aunty promised to belanja me sometime ago practically over something I can't quite remember. Woot, thanks mucho aunt.

Can't wait for my trip to Kolumpur though. Mother will be lone ranger for 2 weeks time. Brother left for Mabul the same day as I. Still have few days left yet mother has given me list of tasks I have to complete prior going. Aduhai betul busuk hati tau. LOL


3 hollered!:

isabelle said...

meh..meh kita jumpa when u r around.

kizzy tf said...

aiseh...sabar2 ah. ba, p KL lg. klu jumpa cuz aku, krm slm peluk cium. tp ks lama2 skit sm bestfren dia-Aariz. hehhee

*mama belle pun mau deting jugak? hehe

BibiEr Karim said...

@Belle: Sudi ke? Naaaaaaaaaaaak. *smbl senyum malu2 kucing*

@Kizzy: Insya Allah jumpa Ernie & hero Malaya itu. Mau gigit & gomol2 si Aariz. Ya bah, si Belle mo ngedate. Siok ni tau.

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