9 December 2010

Lazy Bonts

Salam all.

Woot...I just got back from sending Laura to her house, half an hour ago. Such a drama for lasses who supposed to be in Tawau tonight but flight was cancelled due to bad weather. Oh I was NOT the unfortunate lass...because outstation is a word I'd long kissed goodbye.

Yeah, I got a company tonight. Apart from Cheeloh, Cafe & Corridor; I have human sleeping soundly next to me. Another friend of mine who works in Tawau, came to KK this morning to send some important documents & supposed to get back in the evening. Same flight with Laura...encountered the similar fate; flight cancelled. They have early flight to catch tomorrow morning. MAS compensate the unfortunate passenger with accommodation...but I offered forcedher to just spend the night at my lil crib.

Anyway, I'm currently lying on my oh so comfy bed...updating the blog through my precious mobile. Bliss of having the wireless modem at home. I can go online wherever I wish. Mode: Promo product orang lain dengan poyo sungguh.


The friend from Tawau; cik Zie.

Big sister who were scheduled for an outstation to Tawau...can only start inspecting her sites of work this morning.

Those 2 pictures above were uploaded seconds ago.

zZZzzzz...ahaks, something to reveal here. While typing the above paragraphs; I accidentally felt asleep. I might have been uber exhausted. I woke up this morning to the alarm buzz...and I still have the phone on my palm, genggam erat ok. Since it's already in the draft folder, I decided to just continue.

I did nothing out of ordinary today. Update my filing at the office. Going to close this year's files after I returned from my holiday. And oh, did some sweat yielding activity as well. Rearrange the office cum stock room. Ultimate satisfaction with the new look of my workplace. IF only I could make all the stocks invisible to the naked eyes...harus lebih ganteng kantor gue.

I purposely shipwrecked the office.

Main area for lepak-ing. Juga tempat proses taik mata. Cover-less cushions because I was gonna send them to the laundry.

The items I wish to make unseeable.

Some of the equipments & appliances stored in the office temporarily because cafe will be temporary close beginning next week.

Oh yeah, sedap sikit mata memandang. At least, this looks less wrecked. Note: Papers on the table hanya deco semata, kunun lah tunjuk bekerja sikit nan ado. White boards will be on the wall before the cafe reopen. I have to inform bro to drill them...lagi best time aku ndak da dalam upis.


6 hollered!:

isabelle said...

kalo i tahap tersengguk dpn pc tu, tandanya...sudah, xde maknanya kau buat2 rajin lagi. off je pc tu..tido.

my office is always a shipwreck. nobody can tell when it is really shipwrecked!!hehe

BibiEr Karim said...

LOL I tertidur sbb online atas katil & guna hp je. Psl tu xdan nk off2 segala. Hahaha tp pena je kes tetido dpn laptop. Tgh2 masyuk chat lak tu. Hampas btl perangai.

Klu ofis always a shipwreck...tu tanda pekerja dedikasi. *kot?* Lalala~

Malicious Mind said...

baru aku mo tanya kalau hujung taun ni cafe ko bukak, ingat mo datang sana, ko masak sedap2. hehehe

BibiEr Karim said...

Next week ttp suda kami. Resume next year. Masak? Ko biar betul, ada nnt diarrhea xpdni baik tu. Hahaha. Siap hidang bah suma tu makan. Ada goreng tp bukan aku ah tukang masak. LOL

Lola said...

Napa bah muka sa mcm baboon ko upload! Lol

BibiEr Karim said...

Aik I thought u approved suda tu ari. LOL cute bah.

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