18 December 2010

Capek Banget

Just got back from Pacik's office's bbq party at KWS*P building. I am fully stuffed with varieties of food right now. Belly's going to explode anytime soon. Began with feast at Dot...and wrapped the night with bbq food.

Unfortunately, bad news for today is I've betrayed my rice diet!!! Few more days to 2011, like I can't even wait. Oh please don't bother to ask me why I eventually gave in. Nasi lemak sambal sotong served at Dot's house is...oh yeah, unexplainable. Tempting to the core I don't even try to say no when being offered. The sambal looked so enticing it's definitely impossible to give it a pass.

Ok let's put the nasi lemak part aside. Jiwa bila ingat. Berliur.

I'll upload the solemnization's pics for now. Dari awal pagi till petang, I spent half my day at Dot's house. Made new friends as well; super cool ones. They are the bridesmaids as well, Dot's high school besties.

This was my first destination early in the morning. The bride's command request it was.

If u're smart & thorough enough...spot me.

Makcik poyo memilih bunga-bungaan. Poyo harus.

Fresh flowers for the dais & decorations.

With the hantarans.

Dot mendebarkan diri.

Practice makes perfect Syah. Before the real akad, perlu latihan. Sila tahu, tok kadi adalah handsome banget. Handsome sangat & sangat. Eyes on him sepanjang majlis. Ohoo zina mata ok. Tapi chop, it wasn't me alone. 3 of the bridesmaids would gladly vouch for me too. Heart breaking news, tok kadi is a married man with 2 children. H.A.M.P.A!

Officially husband & wife now. Alhamdulillah.

I am uber happy for the couple. Pics from the bbq party will be uploaded soon. I still have wedding reception to attend tomorrow morning. Gonna hit the sack now.


4 hollered!:

isabelle said...

dan lagi tu keep an eye on the tok kadi.tapi xpe bie... ada 3 lagi kuota. rebut2 la sape nak jadi yg no.2,3 and 4

BibiEr Karim said...

Wakakakak serius gile. Handsome. Titik. Kuota ada 3, pastu sume bridesmaids rela bermadu ok. I chop yg bungsu spya dpt lebih perhatian. Kebarangkalian utk stay ruma I lama skit sbb kan jau nun kat KK. Lalala~~~

namron said...

i spot mck poyo d tgh gmbr,walaupun mataku rabun,tp baju pink tatap menjadi pujaan atiku... hahaha...

p/s: laki org tu... ramai lg yg solo kat kk ni... hahaha...

BibiEr Karim said...

Ha'ah pujaan sgt. Nnt ada yg sentap baca komen ko.

p/s Alah ramai solo tapi susa cari yg mcm kadi tu.

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