14 December 2010

Arrived in 1 piece

Arrived Kolumpur safely. Alhamdulillah. Loving the weather upon arrival. Breezy & gloomy. Peaceful air. But frightening bus driver. I almost forgot the feeling riding in a public transport. Wah poyo gaban!!! Anywoot, I'm on my way to Kl Sentral as I typed this post.

Almost being left behind by the captain this morning. I was at the airport an hour early. Got myself checked in & off to the cafe upstairs. Had breakfast with mother. Leka bergosip...tinguk jam, another 20mins before boarding. Enter the immigration counter selamba badak. Seriously I didn't know I was the only passenger who haven't hop in the plane. It's only when the AA personnel told me to hurry to the gate that I knew I was late. I ever heard the lady at the counter said 'Ok, our missing passenger is here already'. Boohoo me for trying to create another drama. Last minute pun masih mau enterframe diri, kunun tempah glamor. Hampas ada. Grunge's right when she said there's always drama in my life. Even yesterday, drama sebabak muncul di layar perak.

Oh drama didn't stop in KK. Soon after I landed at the airport, I walked myself out from the building heading to the bus stand only to realized my footwear. Gladiator sandals I bought few months back & only wear them occasionally...terbelah dua. Melangap lah sandals tu macam mulut buaya lapar everytime I took my step. Unless aku seret kaki or menyusur macam ular...else, aku sangat kelihatan kedana. Bolehnya dalam excited bercoti Malaysia...basic stuff guna untuk superwalkertapaki terabai!!

Argh I shall bang my head at the airport wall just now. Embarassing indeed. Lucky enough ndak jauh aku berjalan dengan sandals langap buaya ni. My cousin is waiting for me at KL'S. Turun bas ni terus aku meluru masuk kereta. Harus cari cobbler to repair the poor sandals. Baru ok aku beli, tapak masih keras & berbunga...jangan bagi idea bongos suruh aku buang. Membaziaq amalan syaitan. Ohoo preaching nampak. Lalala.

Initial plan to stop by at Mc'D kiosk for doublecheeseburger moment has to wait until I get home & change the sandals. Erk, makan lagi Bie? Jadi penyepit this Sat & Sun...ndak takut ka ada bonggol unta terbit di perut? Oh tidak...saiko gaban pada diri sendiri. Ohhh tidaaak.

Will get this entry published once I reached home. It means, when u get to read this I'm already at home lah kunun. Home as in rumah di Kolumpur, arasso? Till then. I will update more if I have the time to do so. Choiii poyo.

P/s Just for the record, whilst typing this I was at the same time trying my best to hide my feet under my chair. Risau makcik next to me sees the langapan buaya. As if she even bother to care & look, no? Bukan kepochi macam kau Bie oii.

Reunited with my ever beloved sister & brother.

Tripping harus! It's been months since I last went to Kolumpor...I was shocked upon seeing what Brickfield has become. The wakil rakyat did great job in beautifying the area. I indeed love the sculptures built at the side of the road...also the flower image painted ON THE ROAD. I didn't get to take pic of the place...ala banyak hari lagi, sure akan stop by at that area & click2.

Sampai jak, terus take over kerja asal. Designated driver for the cousins.

Home sweet home (versi Kolumpor because NONE could beat my beloved KK). Entertaining myself with PS3 tonight. Oh I just love being in holiday mode.

The cousins & I will be going to Times Square later after Zuhr. Cuci mata shopping sikit.


6 hollered!:

ochs widdle said...

happy holiday!=)

Mel said...

arghh sungguh kejelesan. can't wait for my xmas holday! mau bermalas2 sampai pingsan, hahah.

BibiEr Karim said...

@Cha: Hihihi bliss! Tq tq.

@Mel: Mcm sy sija yg celebrate christmas kan. Berabis sy yg mo cuti berpingsanan ni.

isabelle said...

hahaha.bie tiba2 jadi spendthrift.
giler ahhh baik smpi mcm tu

ijaLyn said...

dayyum! envy u beb..

BibiEr Karim said...

@Belle: Xdela baik sgt...baik byk je. Wakakakakakak.

@Ijal: Dusyum. Jgn envy deh lor. Ko tu turun KL almost every weekend, lagi dayyum ah.

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