29 December 2010

Angkat Tarikh?


I have eventually prove the super sluggish & procrastinator side of me. Drama. As if anyone cares.

Spending extra quality time with the family is what I've been doing since I came back. Another 3 days with them before they went back to Kolumpor. Another 3 days before life becomes boring once more. Bro had left for Mabul. It's gonna be only mother & I at home.

Cafe will start operating next Mon. Thank God I'll be busy again. Mother had quit her job & will be managing the kedai makan at Sepanggar in 2 weeks time.

sigh I pretty dislike myself at the moment. I seem to enjoyed freezing the desire to share things in this blog. Worries not, I sense this peculiar being will last once the holiday is over. And I'll be back scribbling mainly to entertain myself. *logik kot* Yet still boo hoo to such idea.

27 Dec 2010 - Karambunai Beach with the cousins. Despite the gloomy clouds & drizzles, all the cousins merasa mandi pantai. Except moi, chop!

28 Dec 2010 - War Memorial Kundasang with part of the family.

Along's didn't join us. Same as bro & 4 of the cousins. Banyak lohong made the holiday less merrier.


2 hollered!:

isabelle said...

i xkan dpt buat aksi lompat2 itu utk beberapa lama. oh no

BibiEr Karim said...

Hihihi xpe Belle. Xlama lg akan dapat. Dalam pantang pun boleh kot amik jump shot. Ada cara nk buat lompat tu nmpk tinggi even xlompat sgt. Just like I did.

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