12 December 2010

Ambil Berkat

Toothache took away my excitement to blog; since yesterday. ugh ugh ugh

Went to Sari's solemnization albeit having posted earlier I might not be going because Mel couldn't make it too. Turned out Nor misread the invitation card. She told us it's at 11am when actually the event took place at 3pm. Since Mel finished her work at 2pm, hence we decided to go. Took us nearly an hour to reach the house, thanks to Nor's skill in guiding way. With only 1 mislead direction from her, we took the wrong junction & nearly made us reach Kota Belud. Ok, exaggerating!

But seriously, we're on the road heading to Kota Belud when Mel called Nor asking her the roundabout we shall find after a junction. Knowing that she has lead us to a wrong direction, we decided to make a u-turn & followed every possible road to a resort near Sari's house. Alhamdulillah, we eventually arrived. And yeah, we missed the most meaningful moment of the event. Yet we pay no mind to it because what's more important is for the event to be success. It's better late than never; so the saying goes. Sari was happy to see us for coming to celebrate her big day. It was also sort of reunion for us after years of not seeing each other. Extended blissfulness.

Ida; whom I haven't seen for nearly 7 years came all the way from Miri with her family. Just for the wedding. It's been long indeed since we gathered together like yesterday. Housemates during my diploma years. Almost all were there except for Yang; whom is in Kolumpor while Dana, Bibi & Dolly attended the reception today. Too many stories to share yet too little time to do so. I cherished the little moment with them nonetheless. Uhuk, feel like walking down the memory lane.

Truth is, Mel & I still couldn't plant the idea in our mind that Sari is married. Because in our head, Sari is always the one that goes against the law attraction of love & all those couple-mouple stuff.

Well Bie, it's proven that people changed. It's been like 8 years since u ladies left the house ok. So wake up now. U obviously is stuck in the denial phase for too long. Aishh mau dirotan tau.

Ok I think I shall stop mumbling now. Lets jamu cuci mata few pictures I managed to snap. Sila tahu, ndak da gambar nikah ah. We're little too late...remember.

The newly wed. Cikgu Sari & Cikgu Nodi.
*Mild imagination of mine: Since both are teachers, I wonder what language they use to converse. Sari teaches Science while the husband teaches Eng...hmm hmm interesting*

Our gorgeous beautiful friend; is officially a wifey now. Sob sob sob; sebak.

L-R: Ida, Nor, SARI, Moi, Mel. Us housemates during diploma years. 2001-2003
Missing in the pic: Mrs (Yang Azliyang, Bibiana & Nur DIana) & Miss Dolly Nicole.

As usual...at every wedding (close friends ONLY), invading the dais is what we enjoyed the most. Ambil berkat weiii.

I'll upload the pictures from the reception this evening soon after Mel emails them to me. No pictures taken from my camera except the ones I took using the handphone's camera. I purposely left Blackie inside Darling because I was too lazy to carry him around. I feel like he's getting bulky-er nowadays. Hampas!


5 hollered!:

isabelle said...

sempat curi sirih junjung dia sikit tak?
kal x sempat, aisey..lmbt lagi smpi jodoh tu.bahahaha

BibiEr Karim said...

Kejam giler statement. Wakakakakak. Sireh da byk kali telan lah Belle. Tp sampai lah xde angin2 nak naik pelamin. Asyik duk rempuh pelamin org je.

Mel said...

tu lah urang suruh bawa c blackie tia mau, kotoh, wakakak. hmm emo pla tingu ni gambar2. kawan study, makan, tidur & bergossip time dip years. sob sob. i heart u all!

BibiEr Karim said...

Saya is malu & malas. Hahaha. Emo brabis. I refused to recall sume moments we'd shared at that rented house. Nnt nangis darah. Heart u too.

Anonymous said...

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