3 December 2010


Inhale exhale inhale exhale. TVD has come back ya'll! OH YEAH! All hail to Vampire Diaries Season 2.

It was aired last night & I tried to download it right after the show ended. Unfortunately, the downloadable link wasn't available as yet. Well...not until this evening. Oh yeah, let's tango everybody. 2 hours to go before the download completes. I is so can't wait to see the faces I lurve seeing. I hope Stefan gains some weight...and Bonnie too. And I hope Damon has polished his sense of humor more. U have no idea how much I miss his banters & silly words.

The perfect couple in the human-vampire world.

Because I didn't get to meet the Pevensie's last night, I'll be going tonight with mother & cousins. Hopefully there's still tickets for us. Else, aku nangis darah lagi. So desperate to meet Prince Caspian again. It's been nearly a year since I last saw him. From the trailer, I could tell he has grown into a fine hunk. Oh so impossible not to admire him.

I miss Aslan; The King of Narnia as well. I always find Aslan is somehow macho in his own way.

*clearing throat* As written on the pic above...presenting the prince!

Caspian @ Ben Barnes was also the Young Dunstan in Stardust. As for now, he is 1 of the very rare cute man I've ever 'seen' my entire life.

By the time I got home after Narnia-ing...TVD has complete its download. Harus sambung movie session wei. Tomorrow kan holiday suka hati; gotta be wise in spending time. It's not like everyday I get leave on SabtuDay. Yay.

p/s: Chenta Hati, sehandsome mana Stefan...sepedas mana kata2 Damon...segagah mana Prince Caspian; lor itu tetap pujaan #1 gue dong. Jangan bimbang ya. Chenta gue untuk loh, lekat kukuh di hati. Insya Allah dengan izin Nya, nggak kan berkurang. Ngeh~~


5 hollered!:

isabelle said...

wahai centa si bibier,
tulong la percaya pouty mouth tu. ari jumaat ni konfirm dia x kelentong mcm selalu.
hahaha. saja nak pedajal

BibiEr Karim said...

Ehem...ni yg best si mama Belle menyukung statement xboleh blah I. Yeye chenta hati kena percaya...sebab nnt I merajuk, lagi panjang pout itu. Hahaha.

Me said...

Ni tnda kna kurangkan hntrn sbb tnjk tnda curang. Bleh?

Anonymous said...

haish.. nda sabar aku mo tau cerita ko ni.. fuh! fuh! fuh! minggu depan aku turun, will let u know asap when I know the exact day. tp mmg bukan monday or tuesday la.. -pijut

BibiEr Karim said...

@Me: Curang? Alahai bukti xkukuh wei.

@Pijut: Hahaha lek2 ko bah, bkn jg tu crita panas.

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