7 August 2010

Whoop whoop

The Last Airbender was awesome. Watched it with Memel last Friday night at GSC, Suria. The ending, however...was a bit frustrating. Won't spill anything anymore...nanti Grunge duku kepala aku.
Oh how I wished I have the power to bend. If I were given the chance to choose, I would definitely pick water. U shall then call me Waterbender if that happened. Yes, keep on dreaming cik Err. But, why water? Simply because water is the 2nd strongest element after air. Why not just choose the most strongest? Hmm ntahlah...maybe because I know I don't have the characteristics to become the Avatar. Jadi calon pun ndak layak...apalagi jadi the 1 yang boleh communicate with the Spirit World.
Anyways, last night I went to Megalong together with Grunge & Rio. Met up with Laura, Jess & Keggy at MarryBrown. Alkisah mau transfer gambar...tapi laptop ndak dapat read Laura's external HD. Laura will get them transferred to my HD at her house. Ugh paksa tunggu lagi gambar Kundsang tu ari. Kesabaran.

Later after light dinner, headed to the cinema at the mall. It was the first time for us but Laura. Her house is just a spit distant to the mall...surely it will soon become a place for us to hang out apart from Yoyo.

Laura & Jess watched Salt. Whilst Rio, Grunge & Moi chose Tekken since we already watched Salt. The hero is so bloody cute I want to jump into the screen & kiss him. But Tekken wasn't really my type of movie. It's a movie based on a fighting game series. And since I don't really fancy the word fighting...attention was a bit distracted throughout the movie. There were too much violent; fierce fighting. Not that I dislike action packed movie...but Tekken was a bit too heavy FOR ME. Nasib hero berjaya cuci bersih mata hitam aku.
Itch mites pun dan2 datang melawat during the movie session. Sudahlah banyak scenes aku geli jiwa raga tengok...badan lagi menggatal. Maka jadilah aku sang penggaru yang menonton cerita aksi malam tadi. Haru biru sungguh.

On the way sending me back, we encountered an accident. Grunge went a bit hysterical upon seeing a body at the side of the road...lying right next to our car to be precise. Motionless. Unsure if he's still alive or not. I was thinking to help but because there were already few men there, Rio suggested that I shall just go home. Kalau ramai2 sana pun ndak guna, menambah sesak adalah.
sigh Death comes to us without warning. Life is taken from us in a jiffy. Regardless how ur preparation is or how ready u are.

Setiap janji Dia itu pasti. Tidak pernah Dia mungkir pada tiap satunya.

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in THE name OF the WHO said...

klu kamu turun p tulung, sa hysteria sd kali...sa x tau, tp sa takut tingu scene2 yg mcm tu.. no, sa x takut org mati but sa takut tingu klu yg dr freak accident....

BibiEr Karim said...

Mmg Rio xkan suru sy turun jg sbb suma kusai sna kan. Plus nnt bukan ada apa dpt buat, kasi +jammed adalah.

Itu blum kategori freaking accident. Klu tu ari dkt KL Sentral barulah. Tangan sija yg ada atas jln.

Fara Amin said...

salam...mo mnta ajar mcmn mo bt signature...?yg ada curly2 tu...bunga melingkar-lingkar d bwh story kita tu..?tu... yg katun2 d tgh stori amcm?

BibiEr Karim said...

Salam. Klik jak tu signature & akan direct link p tmpt buat. So next time mau buat entry, copy paste ja tu signature dari entry sblm2 tu.

As for the ribbon...mau kena rajin cari d web. Kakak pun lupa mana dpt. Tp selalu klu template blog dorg kasi tu suma.

Yg kartun2 tu sama mcm signature. Klik tu kartun dorg akan terus p link website dia. Sna ko right click > copy image > paste di entry baru. Siap.

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