9 August 2010

Tersebut kisah di pagi Isnin; 9 Aug 2010...pemilik belog ini hilang mood. Tahap gaban yang parah seribu kali parah. I've tried my best to hold the sullen gloomy feeling since morning; failed attempt though. Up to this moment, I could still feel it's embracement. This sort of attitude; sucks big time. Something I never be fond of.
I am officially demotivated...dispirited...downhearted. And worst still, I couldn't guess the cause(s) of this strange feelings. Perhaps the extreme restlessness has something to do with the mood swing. Sleep deprived; so to say.
I sensed hormone instability might also be the reason. Ugh...please menses don't come near me for at least a month. I beg u! Let me savour my Ramadhan. Alangkah best dapat puasa penuh...
Hit the sack pretty late last night. No one to blame but yours truly but it would be more appropriate to blame the Koreans for being super brilliant in producing drama. After watching Korean movie titled; He Was Cool...I signed in to my YM account. And got to talk to someone whom I haven't met since my degree years. My one & only, Aida Rahman. The conversation only lasted for less than 20 minutes, I indeed treasure the curhat session with her nonetheless. Also her sesi memberi nasihat.

Adalah bertuah...walau tidak punya kakak, tapi sahabat yang lebih tua banyak umur sangat ramai. Geared with abundant supply of trustworthy advices some more. I am bless with great people around me. Thing I've always be grateful for.

Perlu lebih istiqamah dalam mengerjakan amal soleh...bukan setakat dalam bulan Ramadhan jak cik Err.

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