8 August 2010

PC Fair on Sunday morning

Sunday outing with Grunge & Rio at 1Borneo. Pikom held a PC fair there. The love bird accomplished their printer hunting mission...they finally brought a HP 3 in 1 printer; home.

As for me...it was halfway accomplished. Initial mission was to buy the inks for my printer & also a mouse for c Asus. Sekali balik rumah, membawa plastik warna kuning berisi mouse & cover external HD. The only thing that managed to cheered me up are the fact that both the items are PINK! How cool & sweet is that?
And Pink laptop is everywhere at the fair...macam mau pengsan tinguk. Menguji iman betul. When could I afford to get 1 for myself. Not to replace c Asus of course *cari pasal cakap mau ganti...harus dia ni karang merajuk & self-destruct*

Budget is a bit tight this month. Tapi masih ndak sedar sebab ada hati mau beli new Kdrama set; Love Story in Harvard. Luckily Grunge was there to remind me. Adui memang hancur tahap dewa kalau aku sudah lupa diri. I feel happy though...dapat beli 2 books. Retrieving the thing I love doing in the past; that is reading. I wish to enhance my shrinking Eng vocabs & grammars.
Anyhow, I'm in the midst waiting for Laura. She's gonna have dinner at my home tonight. Berjaya umpan the mommy to come over. I text her the menu I made for dinner. And as expected, she didn't take long to agree. No matter how hard she tried to convince me about her diet program...I always succeed in turning it down. She will never be able to say NO to my cooking...because I've put a spell on her already.
Tomorrow I'll be going to meet Mommy Leny after work at her house. I was pretty occupied with the catering I forgot to attend her new born baby girl; Zara's kenduri aqiqah & her 4 year-old son; Zahin's birthday bash yesterday. Mau hantar titipan yang ndak seberapa.

Hidup ini indah andai tahu bersyukur dengan nikmat Nya.

2 hollered!:

Ernie Khairina said...

love story in harvard tuh sa tinguk sama my late granny tapi di pertengahan cerita, my granny meninggal..so sebab sedih sgt sa pun nda tinguk th ending dia. sampai sekarang sa tdk tau ending dia macam mana =(

p/s google la hp mini pink swirl..astaga bikin gerigitan!

BibiEr Karim said...

Ouh that touch my heart. Sob sob. Bah nnt suda beli sy kasitau ko apa ending dia kio. No worries Ernie, ur granny is at better place now.

Ko la kan sebab utama sy attracted sma PINK!

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