22 August 2010

Sujud syukur atas rahmatNya

Couldn't fulfill my promise I made in my previous entry. That was to reveal what the bffs & I did in Ranau. Most of the pics I took are with Jess because I used her camera. The pics in Blackie are mostly taken by Mel. I'll get them upload once I got the pics from Jess.

Hmm let's just break the news...minta puji giler mau berahsia lah bagai tujuan pigi Ranau. Like; u really think people would care? Serious answer? Honestly? Yes...aku perasan orang mau tau. Kepala diangkat sambil kening berjungkit2.

Here it goes...1 of the PPGs member; our beloved Miss Heldah Galambun @ c Ida is now officially engaged to Poser's youngest member; the cool Mr Melario Stephen @ c Chubby. So happy for both of them. Like; happy giler. The discussion went well...same goes to the exchange ring session in which I didn't get to witness. Sorry u both. Went up to Grunge's room during the prayer session & without sedar I feel asleep on the sofa. Woken up to the sound of Laura's voice...asking how am I doing.

Us ladies; the penyibuk with Grunge (far left)

I must have been pretty tired. Decided to not go back to sleep after the sahur at 3am although Laura & Jess fetched me at 630am. Kalau aku terbabas tidur pingsan orang tunggu aku bersiap. Perhaps the 2 hours journey exhaust me...sila tahu, gue nggak laper cuma capek dikit. But worry not, for friends like them...all is worthy.

Grunge & urs truly at Unang + Syl's wedding mass. Jadi usherette terus dapat berkat, right.

The newly engaged couple. Pic taken last year during Unang+Syl's post wed celebration @Cempaka.

Congrats u both on the engagement. It surely ain't easy to get where u're at now...hence, I hope u both keep those moments close to heart. We're super happy for ur new status & will pray the best for u both; all the time. Kamurang sangat cute...sangat suit to each other. sigh Words just couldn't explain how we truly feel for u both.

Anyhow, let's us start counting for the big day already. We so can't wait to see u wearing the wedding gown. Ok, cut the excitement as yet for we still have 2 weddings to count before urs. Jac + Leon's & Jess + Keggy's; both next month. More photo sessions...more gathering with the bffs...I is feeling delirious. Agitated. What bliss life I have!

On the way back from Ranau, few kilometers before reaching home...something occurred. In which I called 2nd highlights of the day. A scene that have been engraved distinctly in my mind; for the rest of my life. See pic below.

Car broke down just on time we reached Tamparuli.

Spine-chilling fact to be told, the clutch lining's has long dried out. But it got worst on our way down back to KK from Ranau. Lagi teruk when we found out that not only the lining dried out, the water tank was dry empty as well. Our life are surely at stack...but none of us are aware of that.

Above all, I praise the Lord above for His blessings. Truly am for without His mercy, I don't think we could return home in 1 piece. And we travelled back & forth between Ranau & KK; with no injury...no bruises...no wounds...no nothing.

Upon getting stranded, we worried for nothing but our safety. Well except for Jess though; whose heart beat uneven from the moment we found out about the cause of the breakdown. Takut giler kena marah sama the beloved fiance. Turned out, semua sia2. As expected, Keggy worried more about her than the car. As if we didn't tell her that. Duigia.

Note: Jess DQ lebih dari aku. Like Grunge said; my DF's radar ain't work everytime Jess is around.

Nasib the side road that we chose to 'get stranded' was strategic enough. Tepi rumah owner workshop gitu. Some might call it coincidence but I still chose to believe that it has all been written in the book of life. God knows what's best for us...and I took what happened yesterday as a lesson for all of us. Perlu jadi extra careful next time. That's the hikmah beneath all this.

I break my fast at the side of the road; in the stranded car. We stopped by at Nabalu Lodge before heading back to KK. Bought drink just in case ndak sempat sampai KK on time. Yang mana memang betul ndak sempat.

After some nego & cot cet with Uncle Yong a.k.a house cum workshop owner...Jess decided to leave her car at his house. Marah giler budak2 towing whom Uncle Yong called earlier when Jess refused her car to be towed. Over firm order from Keggy it was.

Reliable brother of mine took us to 1B where we separated. Pity the brother...travelled all the way from Sepanggar to Tamparuli together with his girlfriend. After being sure that the car will be fine*sebab mula tu ingat air jak punya kereta jadi panas & ndak dapat jalan*...he went off only to let me called & asked him to drive back to us. The 3 ladies went back home...while moi, teruskan usaha cari makan.

Well I guess that's it about my bless & bliss yet filled with highlights Saturday. Bertemu kita di lain warkah. Sekian. Bang head on the wall for being tongol with words.

I hope u have a bright Sunday although the weather says the opposite since morning. It's been gloomy...sometimes raining, sometimes it drizzles. Still I am grateful, nonetheless.

Tidak henti ku ucap syukur pada Mu ya Allah...begitu banyak dosa ku himpun, namun masih rahmat Mu tidak putus untuk ku. Kerdil ku rasa diri ini...sungguh aku tahu tidak layak semua itu aku peroleh tapi Kau lebih tahu dari sekalian ciptaan Mu. Syukran Allah.

8 hollered!:

isabelle said...

oo..xajak pun pegi ranau!

BibiEr Karim said...

Hoho awat x habaq awal? Tp klu join pun sure terkandas skali ngn kitorg. B'buka dlm keta.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

OMGosh... I feel like tis post is dedicated to me....thankkksss..love u so much..
and abt the car incident, mn kamu stranded?
dekat tamparuli ba kan..
tell me averything abt it in our next meeting session...x

p/s: thanks God kamu suma selamat...

BibiEr Karim said...

It is dedicated to u & Rio. Love u too!

Kami stranded few km-s before the roundabout to Tuaran. Bah nnt kami story mory. Ko akan dgr byk version ni. Frm lorry honking at us to tow car to Uncle Yong to bawa sayur. LOL

As I said, kami p Ranau tujuan baik so of course God akan protect kami.

Memel said...

lala n me was commenting about the day's event on the way home n we concluded yg it was a blast from beginning to end, including the stranded incident, lol. nanti muvi session kita ceta2 ah grunge. jadi ba kan? :p

BibiEr Karim said...

Mel, it was indeed a blast experience for us 4 ladies. Kita crita drama2 skit sma Grunge during our movie sesh ok. Sure jadi la ba.

lola said...

ok saya kelambatan lol

ya me n melo concluded the day 5 star yo!!!! LOL

epic beginning to end xxx

BibiEr Karim said...

Wakakakak kelambatan. Ko guna btl oo. LOL

5 stars ah. Mmg pun epic gilak!

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