28 August 2010

Oi oi Laura...oi oi 3D

Last night, I was thinking of the big sister whom is now in The City of Lion. Entertaining herself with her little madam & c Mawar. I tried to text her but to no avail. She didn't subscribe the international roaming.

Mawar's number was stored in my other phone...which was broken months back. I can't think of any way to reach them. Pasrah jak lah. But not long after receiving the text failed sending report; the phone rang. And guess who called? It was Mawar! I got to talked to the big sister as well. Double yay!

Note: Hakikat sebenar, I is RINDU my kakak besar. Sekian.

During our bffs photo session early this year. @Tanjung Aru beach.

Great minds think alike...all the time. Some might not understand this; but we do! Despite the fact that we're thousand miles apart, the minds walk the same path still. It's like they sync simultaneously. Obviously, we possess telepathic skills. It functions best when we're distant. sigh I miss having her around. Ok...stop the lesbo aura already.


GSC, Suria Sabah was the place I were when the day started. Together with Grunge & Rio; we watched the midnight show. Step Up 3 in 3D! Ala tinguk poster below pun sudah dapat teka bah, kan.

All I could say about this movie...SUPERBLY AWESOME. I don't really fancy movie in 3D version but this...totally an exception! Aku sudah mula jatuh chenta ndak hengat dunia sama cerita 3D. And definitely it's worth an encore session. I always have this unexplainable thing with dance movie...I'm head over heels with them. To name a few that had my adrenaline pumped to its max level; Honey, Bring it On & Street Dance.

Resident Evil: Afterlife; is next in line.

Same goes to The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of The Dawn Treader. OMG, I've never missed watching TCN & there's no way I'll skip the 3rd installment of the film series. God's willing; kalau umur masih panjang.

I miss Aslan so damn much.

Tu dia...hantu wayang started listing the movies she's gonna watch. Harus dikurangkan belanja membeli membelah because 3D cost double the normal movie price. Whatever, kerja teruk2 harus pandai pamper diri. Say what? Kerja keras? Kentut ada. Ngeh~~

p/s Thanks GSC*, I'm 1901-hunger no more. Turned out they didn't actually stop selling my 'fav snack during movie time'...aku jak emo lebih. As always!

6 hollered!:

namron said...

err, setepup tredii super bloody awesome... best giler story dan dance koreografinya... especially last part... aiks, ko pun mo tgk resident evil 3d jugak ka? sama2 la bah... (msh kena ban kah aku ni?)

BibiEr Karim said...

Mmg bloody awesome! Siap ada scene lawak lg. Lengkap gitu.

Mau tgk RE sbb xpena miss tu. Bah mari bersama2. Aku mau p tgk SU lg ni. Xpuas tu ari.

namron said...

orait... ko ri ja aku pren... aku dan rudee confirm... RE antara movie based game yg terbaek...

BibiEr Karim said...

Jaga ah klu xmembawa. Hahaha memaksa tu bah. Sgt2 best bah klu RE.

lola said...

notice how my head is trying to overtake the whole frame!!! LOL me & my fat head sighhhhhhhhhh

BibiEr Karim said...

What fat head? Tumbuk mau. x

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